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Buy/Sell items in bulk for Customers!

We’ve enabled a feature for shop owners to use! This feature allows them to buy/sell items in bulk. What does this mean for you? Good Question! Shop owners can now offer to buy/sell items in quantities greater than one at a time. This means you could possibly see offers similar to these examples: 5x healing… Read more »

Buy/Sell items in bulk for Shop Owners!

We’ve enabled a feature in the shop plugin that allows for buying/selling items in bulk! Shop Owners:Previously, you could only buy/sell items individually (ex. buy 1 instant healing potion for $150 -or- Eff5/unbreaking 3 diamond pick for $850 -or- 1 honey bottle for $14). With this feature you can now list items in different quantities… Read more »

YASMP Ranks!

We are excited to announce that we have added four new ranks in addition to the two existing ranks; Warrior, Veteran, Master and Elite!The full list of Ranks, the perk of each and costs/requirements are below! A lot of these perks you are already familiar with but you may have noticed a few new ones!.•… Read more »

Supply Stations!

Hi Yall! As I travel around the map, I’ve been leaving supply stations! Each station has a crafting table, furnace and a chest. The chest at every station has a couple types of food and a few weapons and/or tools. Each chest also has random surprise goodies which could be a anything from a few… Read more »