Buy/Sell items in bulk for Customers!

We’ve enabled a feature for shop owners to use! This feature allows them to buy/sell items in bulk. What does this mean for you? Good Question! Shop owners can now offer to buy/sell items in quantities greater than one at a time. This means you could possibly see offers similar to these examples: 5x healing… Read more »

Buy/Sell items in bulk for Shop Owners!

We’ve enabled a feature in the shop plugin that allows for buying/selling items in bulk! Shop Owners:Previously, you could only buy/sell items individually (ex. buy 1 instant healing potion for $150 -or- Eff5/unbreaking 3 diamond pick for $850 -or- 1 honey bottle for $14). With this feature you can now list items in different quantities… Read more »


It’s finally here on Pwn9’s YASMP server, the huge nether update. With this update, the entire nether has been wiped so everyone can get a fresh start with all the new nether features. Also, like 90% of the overworld map has also been wiped; Everyone’s bases should be safe as long as they lived in… Read more »

YASMP Ranks!

We are excited to announce that we have added four new ranks in addition to the two existing ranks; Warrior, Veteran, Master and Elite!The full list of Ranks, the perk of each and costs/requirements are below! A lot of these perks you are already familiar with but you may have noticed a few new ones!.•… Read more »

You Need to Know… About 1.16 YASMP

Well, the plugin devs have been working hard, and so have the Pwn9 staff. 1.16 Nether is coming to YASMP as soon as we get all the bugs worked out. Here’s what you need to do… DON’T build a base in the Nether. The Nether will be WIPED OUT when we upgrade YASMP to 1.16…. Read more »

Supply Stations!

Hi Yall! As I travel around the map, I’ve been leaving supply stations! Each station has a crafting table, furnace and a chest. The chest at every station has a couple types of food and a few weapons and/or tools. Each chest also has random surprise goodies which could be a anything from a few… Read more »

Pwn9 Will Return...

What the hell is Nycto?

Minecraft Server: Web Stats and Map Actually.. The Hell is what Nycto is. It is an insanely hard Minecraft mode created by @tremor way back in 2013. There are a ton of mobs. A lot of things have been tweaked to make survival more difficult. There is a lot of dying… I think tremor… Read more »

It’s Time to PvP 1.8 Style

By popular demand, we’ve set the PvP and combat style of Pwn9 YASMP Minecraft server to full on 1.8 super-spam-click-no-skill style that everyone has been clamoring for. So get on, get your friends on, get your grandma on…. and have a battle of who can click the fastest! Seriously though, when people say the 1.8… Read more »

Economy changes

The staff are attempting to fix the economy by removing gold from the admin shop. We believe it would be unfair to remove already-existing money from players, so it will have to be dealt with another way. Beginning Friday, June 12th the price for gold in the EpicTown Admin Shop will cut to half it’s… Read more »