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It’s finally here on Pwn9’s YASMP server, the huge nether update. With this update, the entire nether has been wiped so everyone can get a fresh start with all the new nether features. Also, like 90% of the overworld map has also been wiped; Everyone’s bases should be safe as long as they lived in… Read more »

New EpicTown shops feature

I have added a plugin that lets you use chests instead of signs. You can still use the old trade signs if you want, and I also added a plugin to improve those by adding back item-ids. (If you need help creating trade signs, try this) So anyways, for the new chest-based shops, all you… Read more »

EpicTown Shops sale!

You asked, and we listened! Now, for a limited time only, ALL the prices on ALL Epictown shop plots have been slashed to ridiculously low prices, in order to get the economy and player trades booming! I have made a new page that lists the different types of plots, along with their sizes and prices,… Read more »