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You Need to Know… About 1.16 YASMP

Well, the plugin devs have been working hard, and so have the Pwn9 staff. 1.16 Nether is coming to YASMP as soon as we get all the bugs worked out. Here’s what you need to do… DON’T build a base in the Nether. The Nether will be WIPED OUT when we upgrade YASMP to 1.16…. Read more »

Pwn9 Will Return...

What the hell is Nycto?

Minecraft Server: Web Stats and Map Actually.. The Hell is what Nycto is. It is an insanely hard Minecraft mode created by @tremor way back in 2013. There are a ton of mobs. A lot of things have been tweaked to make survival more difficult. There is a lot of dying… I think tremor… Read more »