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What the hell is Nycto?

Minecraft Server: Web Stats and Map

Actually.. The Hell is what Nycto is. It is an insanely hard Minecraft mode created by @tremor way back in 2013. There are a ton of mobs. A lot of things have been tweaked to make survival more difficult. There is a lot of dying…

I think tremor created this mode to scratch a perpetual itch that he has caused by things being “too easy”. Any of our long time players know that there’s a constant war between tremor making the game more interesting and players complaining about it being too hard. I think he might secretly be a masochist…

And yet, Nycto is an incredibly addictive game mode. Many of us may secretly be masochists because we keep coming back to it despite the fact that every time we manage to eke out a little progress the damned game kills us… It’s not impossible, though, and if you can figure out how to survive in this wasteland of a world, you can actually build up quite a sustainable existence. If you can survive the punishment, that is.

3 Withers in Nycto3 Withers in Nycto = Death

And that is why we revived it. In fact, we brought Nycto back before YASMP. (Keeping it on 1.6.2 made it a lot easier). If you want to give this a whirl, you can install the 1.6.2 client, and find the server at Prepare to ragequit. A lot.

If you want a preview of what you’re about to find (and some handy tips from the game-maker himself), check out the vid trem made back in ’13:

And you know the saying… Misery Loves Company. Visit the link below to compare your personal hell with that of others, and to get a map of the world. It might just help. But probably not. You’re gonna die a lot anyway. 🙂

Good luck!


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  1. DreamPhreak

    There’s something about Nycto. No matter how much you ragequit and swear it off, it still beckons to you after all these years. It tricks you by giving you a glimmer of hope that maybe this time you will be able to survive, only to brutally take it all away. One misstep and you lose, and you convince yourself that next time, you won’t make that misstep.

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