It’s finally here on Pwn9’s YASMP server, the huge nether update. With this update, the entire nether has been wiped so everyone can get a fresh start with all the new nether features. Also, like 90% of the overworld map has also been wiped; Everyone’s bases should be safe as long as they lived in those chunks for at least 2 minutes.

Also with this nether update, the admin shop has changed slightly: Gold will no longer be bought directly. Instead, to encourage nether exploration, Netherite Ingots have been added for $250 each. To make a Netherite ingot, it costs 4 Netherite Scrap + 4 gold ingots to make 1 ingot.

Everyone will want to get their hands on some Netherite scraps since with 1.16, there is also the new Netherite armor and tools:

Let the Netherite rush begin…

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