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Just a remider. If you want to play on YASMP don't update your minecraft. Keep it on 1.3.2. If you update you'll have to go through the hassle of switching to an earlier version. And nobody wants to take the two minutes to do that, do they?

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For becomeing a daddy again!!! Tremor's second son was born today at 11:59 am.


Congrats Tremor!cool

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The Pwn9 League After 5 Weeks of Football

It's been quite the interesting first five weeks in Pwn9 FF.  Out of 8 teams, 6 are 3-2 and 2 are 1-4.    Here's the standings so far.

RankTeamW-L-TPctPts ForPts AgainstStreak
5.atlantic enterpriser3-2-0.600489.96483.62L-1
6.The really bad team3-2-0.600463.54472.48L-2
7.Pittsburgh Potatoes1-4-0.200354.64435.22W-1

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World of Warcraft cities hacked

Pwn9 doesn't do anything with World at Warcraft but I know some of the players in our communuity enjoy it so here goes.....

World of Warcraft was haxed!

Hackers have massacred all the virtual characters in some of online adventure game World of Warcraft's major cities.

They appear to have created a character able to destroy those of other players and those controlled by the game.


I wont put the whole article here so if you want to read the rest of the story Click Here!


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Reminding The Users of Pwn9 Services

I know there is a lot of hype right now with the presidental debate going on, but I would like to remind everyone to not discuss politics, this follows other rules, but I am specifying politics. Don't have your own debate on politics on the Pwn9 Services, why? It is spammy and will eventually escalate to intense arguments splitting pwn9'ers apart


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After week 2, Pwn9 Fantasy Football Standings.

The second week of the NFL season has come and gone and so has the Pwn9 Fantasy Football League.  A couple of powerhouses and a couple of.. "meh, you suck" teams have already panned out..  leading the way in scoring and wins is Metheman's team "The really bad team".  How ironic.  Read on to see the league standings...

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Guild Wars 2 Bans - Save Yourselves!

ArenaNet has been getting a lot of flak recently about their mass bannings and suspensions recently.  For those of you who may not know, ArenaNet has banned or suspended thousands of people since the first day of headstart for offensive character names, offensive chat or exploit abuse.  The suspensions last 72 hours, with the few bans that are maintained (I'll explain later) being permanent (duh).

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Apple vs Samsung

Anyone have any comments on this one?

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