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Caudacus's Manor (GW2 Dungeon) - WALL OF TEXT!

After many failed attempts to get into Ascalon Catacombs (the first dungeon available in GW2), I got a chance to PUG Caudacus's Manor (the second dungeon available in GW2).  Lemme tell you about it.

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LoL Ranked Team

I'm going to be starting a ranked team. I have already got the name, Pwn9, picked out. I hope to be able to play on it regularly. Looking for pwn9's best lol players! If you may be interested message me on here.

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Guild Wars 2!!!!!!!!!!

I've just played the game for the first five and a half hours, and I can't express how awesome it is that the game is finally here.  As many of you know, I've been beta-testing the game, and all that has done is make me more and more excited, seeing some of the changes being made as the game gets made better.

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Sign up for Pwn9 Fantasy Football

If you like to play fantasy sports... or if you'd like to get your hands on a swanky new forum badge (for the league winner) - Then sign up and play a season of Fantasy Football!  

We are going to be using Yahoo Fantasy sports, it's pretty easy to sign up.  Just  CLICK HERE

League Rules:

1. We've setup a live draft date, if you can't make the draft, players are autopicked by your preset rankings.

2. Create any team name you like, just nothing vulgar - and you must let me know who you are - which team is yours.

3. 1 Team per player.

That's all.. good luck!

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Let the Games Begin!

As an avid fan of League of Legends I want to bring more LoL to pwn9! Starting immediatly we'll start new champ reviews, builds/ guides, and other fun stuff of the sort! If you make guides for champions feel free to post them here or on the LoL forum! Look for new champion reviews, patch notes, and all other LoL info here!

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YASMP for 1.3.1 Now Online - with less calories, but better tasting

YASMP has returned...   here is a quick overview of some of the changes that we have made.. you'll find this to be a major major change for the direction the server and minecraft has been going in.  We've decided after review many of you noobzer's posts on what you "think" a server should be, that the general consensus was a return to the past before minecraft got all RPG-like.  So that's what we are doing..  If you don't like it..  please leave.

  • 1 normal world, no nether no potions. This is a brand new map.
  • EXP orbs 100% disabled, no enchants (unless you get one in trade).
  • Autobanning is enabled for bad language, spam, advertising, various hacks and glitching (so dont push your luck) 
  • No appeals system. Most autobans are for 7 days,. you get banned.. well, guess you shouldn't have got banned.
  • No staff. Period, or ever again. (Exception for a few admins to perform server related tasks)
  • There is no server lag, the server runs at 20TPS 24/7 - the new lag is client side so stop whining about lag.. get a better computer or tell your minecraft developers to fix their many many many lighting and single threading issues.
  • Spawn is simple, with its own NPC village.
  • Pvp no grief zone extends around spawn about 100 blocks.
  • Standard cooldowns for default, vip, and supervip apply, evip has no cooldowns.
  • Default will have /home, /sethome, /spawn
  • SuperVip gets /tpa
  • All players have access to /ignore - use it, there are no mods/guides now so, if you can't stand someone you have the option to ignore them.
  • There is basically no money/economy anymore.. use trading with villagers for a bit of fun.  You can get in-game money by voting for the server, eventually we''ll have some small used for voting / money to make rewards for supporting us.  Perhaps with clans.
  • Clans are not enabled right now, but we will be bringing the clans back.. with a major change.. clans will be FREE (or really cheap) to create and we will let default create clans too.

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An update on YASMP for Minecraft 1.3.1 - Progress being made.

Our friends at Bukkit have released a "recommended build" for 1.3.1 and plugins are being updated as we speak.  Some of you may noticed that YASMP is in fact, ONLINE - however at this time it is incomplete and is whitelisted for further development.  We will continue to work on the server and hope to have it up perhaps as soon as Wednesday, 8/8.


Follow all the latest updates as they become available LIVE on Pwn9 IRC! Tremor will be announcing updates and changes as he makes them throughout the evening on 8/7.  Catch all the exciting action of installing plugins.

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A day in the life of tREMor

Hey Pwn9'ers, here's what it's like to hang out with me for a bit on a hot Sunday afternoon, some highlights.




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