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Spleef on YASMP

Spleef is on YASMP! I dont remember us ever having it officially, other than one on YAFB.

This arena is still in the early stages, and may change or upgrade at any time, as we find better ways to do this. So far, we are just winging it, but soon there might be a plugin to handle it all, automatically, which lets people play without needing any admin to supervise it!

Also, as a bonus, since snowball pickups were already blocked, this arena opened up days earlier than expected, and there has been a good turn out.

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Have a safe and happy new year.

I just wanted to wish everyone who partakes in the fun at Pwn9 and who will also be partaking in the fun during the New Year's celebration to have fun and be happy, but be safe.  I know most of yuse gusy won't be out and about behind the wheel but for a small section of our gaming community - just ya know, don't be stupid.. I know it's asking a lot but I want to see everyone back here come January 2nd, after you've recovered.

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Merry Christmas!

I know this is a few hours too early, but I gotta get to bed before santa comes to visit me! So I just wanted to wish everybody of Pwn9 a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you all get coal! xD JK But, I do wish the best for all of you here at Pwn9! MOST! of you guys are all just so awesome and y'all (yes, I said y'all!) are my favorite part of Pwn9! So Happy Holidays from me to all of you!







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Developing new banning system, ban rules for Minecraft Survival Server.

Ok lets start an honest and strong conversation here..  about cheating on YASMP.  It's going on all over the place and I'll be the first to admit our system for dealing with it is uneven and even perhaps unfair, where we are quick to permaban a whitenamer over a vip, despite the VIP page and rules stating that ther are no exceptions.  I'm going to start with a frame work and you all can lend your opinion.  And we'll see if by the New Year we can have some new anti-cheat rules and ban rules in place.

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YASMP on Minecraft 1.4.6

Our server has now updated to 1.4.6, update you game client and enjoy!


Also, for that and the holidays VIP and CLASSES are discounted, give yourself the gift of cool commands and options!


Please  not that 1.4.6 is a Beta build of Bukkit.. there may be bugs and/or rollbacks.  There may also be exploits that are yet unknown.  If you happen to find a bug or exploit please report it to the staff.  If you are found to be using any new exploits to gain an advantage your stuff will be wiped and your account banned for 7 days.  Please help in making YASMP a fair and fun server to play.  Report bugs and exploits.. it's the right thing to do.



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Minecraft 1.4.6 Update - DONT DO IT Until YASMP Updates!

Hello everyone there is a game update for Minecraft 1.4.6.  This update will break things for servers and make those who update their game unable to connect to Pwn9's Minecraft servers until we update as well.  As usual, the update process can take a week or more.  We urge you that if you wish to continue playing on Pwn9 Minecraft servers to NOT UPDATE until the time in which we say the servers have been updated as well.


If you HAVE UPDATED and need to go back.  It's simple.  First get this file:

Save that "minecraft.jar" over your existing minecraft jar in the games /bin folder.   Now here is a quick and easy way to get to your bin folder.

1. Open minecraft.

2. On the main screen where it says - "single player" - "multiplayer" - "texture packs"  - CLICK TEXTURE PACKS!

3. On the bottom of the texture pack screen a button says "OPEN TEXTURE PACK FOLDER" -  Click that button.

4. It will open file browser window in the ".minecraft/texturepack" directory.  Browse UP 1 Directory to ".minecraft".

5. Now you should see a "bin" directory.  Open it.

6. Paste minecraft.jar into bin directory.

7. Play older version of minecraft and profit.

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Bukkit Server Plugin Review: Piston Jump

The title says it all xD


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Lava buckets disabled, skybuilding near spawn disabled.

Just wanted to let everyone know that in a response to a very malicious attack on our spawn area perpetrated by GodOfWarBeta - we've taken the following actions.. some of which may be only temporary.   First, lava buckets have been disabled until we can be certain of a fix of rolling the lava INTO the spawn area from outside of it.   Second, we've created a big spawn air wrapper which stops building immediately outside spawn in the air.. an extension of the no-grief area.  This griefing by GoW came precariously close to reaching the shops...  if it had so that would have really sucked.  Don't QQ at the Pwn9 Admins for the loss of freedom that has now occurred, you're anger should be directed at the purpetrator of this action.

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