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Guild Wars 2 Tech Talk

The game's been out for quite some time, yet I still see a lot of people asking if their system can run the game (it's even been posted on here recently a couple of times).  Between that, and going through the rigamarole of building a new gaming rig, I thought I'd post some stuff to keep in mind when it comes to whether or not your system can run the game.  I'll start by discussing the game's minimum/recommended settings, then I'll go into some of the game's quirks.

For PC, the minimum requirements are as follows:

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GW2 Living Story

In case anyone's working on the GW2 Living Story content and is having trouble finding the items, here's a great guide:

It lists all of the possible locations of the content for all servers.  For our server - Fort Aspenwood - the locations in Diessa Plateau are 10 and either 2 or 3 (I can't remember exactly, but it's one of those two), and in Wayfarer Foothills, it's 1 and 5.

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So, as you all know I have been busy with college. With that being said, thought i would leave a blog post about what I have been up to.


1. picked up a few new games off of steam sales and have been playing them a bunch:

Civ 5: been playing this inbetween homework problems since its turn based

Arma II / DayZ: little bit more sporatic, but if anyone wants to play with me just let me know via pm or something. Ill get back to you as soon as possible.

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Guild Wars 2 Monthly Achievement - Crafting

Part of the monthly quest this month involves crafting 40 items with an ingredient that's green or higher.  I found out very early this morning that this can be done pretty cheap if you have a crafting profession that makes Armor - most of the cheap Runes available at levels 75 and/or 150 fit this bill and don't require a whole lot of materials.  The item I used - Minor Rune of the Ranger, available in Leatherworking at Level 75 - only needs 1 Stretched Rawhide Leather Square, 2 Onyx Slivers and 1 Tiny Fang per unit, so you could do the whole achievement from 0% just by purchasing 40/80/40 if you have Leatherworking levelled up to 75.

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I have returned. Mostly.

To all of our Guild Wars 2 players, I would like to apologize for my extended absence from the game.  Starting around the end of September, I started getting major headaches that wouldn't go away, very similar to migraines.  However, doctors said they weren't migraines because no trigger could be found.  Great.  So now I have headaches and they don't know what they're from or how to help.

Eventually they went away, only to have that pain be replaced by some financial woes and family issues.  My wife and I are down to one computer, and we can't afford to get her another one.  As such, we have to share the one computer, limiting my time in-game as it is.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Just signed up for the Beta.. will this be what drags me away from GuildWars 2?

We'll see.. if Bethesda is smart, they'll give me a beta invite.. and send Pwn9 a bunch of free shwag.

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Lets take a moment to talk about lag!

Many of you whine and cry "lag lag lag" and almost always blame it on the server and/or plugins in the server. Well I'm going to set the record straight. While yes server lag is a possibility, most of the time the lag is being generated on your end.

How can this be you aay? simple. Three different ways.

1.  Computer Specs:

When Minecraft was first released it was like linux; you could put it on any ol piece of crap computer and it ran well. Minecraft has evolved and changed immensely since then and with all the changes that have been made it now requires better graphics, processing power and memory.

System Requirments (directly from Mojang):

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Tired of whining, so pulled ExtraHardMode Plugin from YASMP.. now let the new whining begin.

Due to immense crying that YASMP was "too hard" to play due to our ExtraHardMode plugin... it is now being removed..  completely..  I'm tired of trying to edit a plugin designed to make the game harder and more interesting, so that it is less hard and less interesting.  Therefor - it is my opinion that's it's both too much work and too much complaining to maintain.  So from here on, the EHM Mod is GONE.

Now we'll have to deal with everyone complaining about how too easy everything is.  Well, y'all made your bed.. now sleep in it.  Enjoy the Pot-Spam the overabundance of all materials from massive and unrestricted farming.

I'm DONE - quitting, and never again going to attempt to modify the minecraft gaming environment to make it less boring.  From here on out, YASMP is going to have the plain old vanilla Minecraft experience...  oh wait, but what's this???  Minecraft 1.5 is coming soon..  and OMG GUESS WHAT -  They are making it HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess y'all are going to have to go cry to Mojang then.  

Read about changes below to: Slightly more nerfed farming, increases in AI combat, skeletons anti-mele and increase range, zombies getting a buff, and more.

I can hear it now: 

>Crying Noob:  "tremor take off these @##$ derp mods that make Minecraft harder.. whaaaaa whaaaaaa..  "


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