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Lava buckets disabled, skybuilding near spawn disabled.

Just wanted to let everyone know that in a response to a very malicious attack on our spawn area perpetrated by GodOfWarBeta - we've taken the following actions.. some of which may be only temporary.   First, lava buckets have been disabled until we can be certain of a fix of rolling the lava INTO the spawn area from outside of it.   Second, we've created a big spawn air wrapper which stops building immediately outside spawn in the air.. an extension of the no-grief area.  This griefing by GoW came precariously close to reaching the shops...  if it had so that would have really sucked.  Don't QQ at the Pwn9 Admins for the loss of freedom that has now occurred, you're anger should be directed at the purpetrator of this action.

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Pwn9 Minecrafting - How to get your stuff wiped by the admins.

YASMP is a competitive, pvp, survival server..  everyone is always looking to get an edge up to be the best... however, some people lean heavily on exploiting various glitches either with a plugin or sometimes within the game itself.   The most common glitches involve storing items.  More often than not an invisible and curious admin will find you out at some point.. or a fellow player will rat you out...  and all your stuff will get deleted. 

We think you should play for the fun of it.. go ahead, be competitive... but don't try to cheat the system.. it will only lead to disaster.  Here are some things the admins are always looking for and will lead to getting your stuff wiped.

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Pwn9 Fantasy Football Regular Season has ended!

The Fantasy Football regular season has ended and the playoff brackets are set!  And Kmoore with a BIG victory over #1 ranked Tremor sneaks into the 4th and final spot for the playoffs breaking the 3 way tie of teams at 7-7 (atlantic enterpriser and desireableteamwow).  Atlantic Enterpriser only had to win their game to make the playoffs but a tough loss knocked them out.  In the cellar with a lowly record of 4-10 were the Steelers...   The playoffs first week schedules a rematch of #1 Tremor vs. #4 Kmoore - with a 30 point blowout victory at the end of the season over Tremor - the #1 seed with a number of injuries and players out, actually looks to be the underdog in this matchup.   The #2 vs. #3 playoff matchup is The really bad team vs. Phantastic, each with an 8-6 regular season record and both coming off nice win streaks.   For final regular season rankings and the playoff schedule, continue reading...

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Dubstep Christmas Lights

Considering my taste in music.... I Love whoever did this!!!!!! #ThatElectricBill


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Minecraft Tutorial : Snowball Farm

Hey guys, this is yet another tutorial! SO enjoy xD


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Automatic Melon Farms Tutorial!

Hello all Pwn9'ers! Its infamous with another tutorial! This time joined by Tremor himself! So if your having trouble getting food for your clan, or need a small compact and easy to gather melon farm, this video is for you! So enjoy!


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Minecraft Chicken and Egg Farm Tutorial!

Hey pwn9'ers, it's infamous and this is just a small video on how you could possibly improve your base and farming for you clan on YASMP! Dont forget to check out any of my other videos if you can, I would appreciate it SO much! (:

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Introducing Classes on YASMP.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and now in the holiday season, we want to give you a present.  For some time now YASMP has been an experience, potion and enderchest free Minecraft server.  Simple, old school..  but, after a while maybe a bit boring.

That's why are now introducing classes.  Like a VIP Donation, a Class donation will get you one of three class ranks (or all three if you choose).

Banker - Ability to create, place and use an enderchest. Store your favorite stuff safely!

Brewer - Ability to create, place and use a brewing stand. Make potions (if you can) - Netherwart is pretty hard to come by these days, you can only get it by killing zombie pigs in a nether fortress.  (Some potions have been removed - like invis)

Enchanter - Ability to collect XP while mining, create, place and use an enchanting table and enchant items. (Enchanting is currently at default, however we may limit some OP enchants)

Classes will be $20 each to help keep our server and website running!  But right now, as a holiday special we will make classes just $10 each.  Also, you don't need to be a VIP to get a class. Anyone can get a class added to their username!  Just go to the VIP page to sign up!

Happy holidays and look forward to seeing you all in-game for more fun!

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