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Just thought I should lift everyone up from these dark days..

jk but watch this


Attention pwn9ers - is your computer infected?


If you don't check/take care of this by tomorrow your computer could EXPLODE.


Addressing recent Pwn9 issues.


1. YASMP - massive amount of duped / gltiched inventory from creative to pvp - the map, economy and all inventories are now illegitimate. The server must be wiped and started over.  Sorry.  The server and map will stay as it has been for a day or two while the staff works on some fixes and replacement maps.  A LOT of work has to be done in a short time so please be patient.



I wonder if i still need to do the whole 10 words before being able to psot thing.


Apply For Pwn9 Snapshot Server Whitelisting.

We are currently going to be hosting a minecraft snapshot server.  If you don't know what that is, then you probably ought to move along...  If you do know what that is and are interested in getting whitelisted for it, here are the requirements.


  1. Must be an Elitevip or Moderator
  2. Reply to this post with the IGN you want to apply for whitelisting.
  3. Write a brief sentence or two on why you want to play on the snapshot.
  4. Be available for discussion at a later date on snapshot features to include/exclude after the update.
  5. Snapshot server is a no-griefing, co-op server.  Griefers and PVP's will get immediately banned from snapshot and a 1 day tempban from YASMP.


Not all applicants will be accepted.  If you are accepted you will receive a forum PM with login details for snapshot.

That's all.. 


1st ever pwn9 LoL event?

 Writing this blog out of spur of excitement for the possible first pwn9-host League of Legends Tournament.

Despite LoL hasn't been the focus for pwn9 in the past, the recent growth of interests and players allow us to have a mini tourny event in the name of pwn9.
With DayDreamer's persistence and undying efforts, it seems like a pwn9 LoL tournament can come true after all. Along with the help of few other pwn9 staffs and members, we are able to draw many players and attentions into planning this event. It is nice to see the amount of players that are excited about this, and the voluntary contributions that are put towards this. This should be a chance to allow pwn9 gamers to take a break from the blocky world, and join the field of justice. It would be interesting to see the skill levels of gameplay because League of Legends is a game that is easy to get into, but difficult to master without making any mistakes.


Don't Advertise!

This is what happens.... When people advertise... sometimes


YASMP Minecraft - Some New Crafting Recipes To Test Out

There were a few things I've been wanted to do with specialized crafting for a while now, so I wnet ahead and did them..  I'll get the screenshots of the actual recipes as soon as i can but, now on YASMP we are introducing a few new craftables in PVP.  NetherBrick from 4 NetherRack, Silverfish Blocks (expensive - 4 diamonds per), and Cow Eggs for all your cow spawning needs, requires a soul (eye of ender).  We may add a few more...  depending on who our picky picky picky players react to the initial new recipes.