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Introducing Classes on YASMP.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and now in the holiday season, we want to give you a present.  For some time now YASMP has been an experience, potion and enderchest free Minecraft server.  Simple, old school..  but, after a while maybe a bit boring.

That's why are now introducing classes.  Like a VIP Donation, a Class donation will get you one of three class ranks (or all three if you choose).

Banker - Ability to create, place and use an enderchest. Store your favorite stuff safely!

Brewer - Ability to create, place and use a brewing stand. Make potions (if you can) - Netherwart is pretty hard to come by these days, you can only get it by killing zombie pigs in a nether fortress.  (Some potions have been removed - like invis)

Enchanter - Ability to collect XP while mining, create, place and use an enchanting table and enchant items. (Enchanting is currently at default, however we may limit some OP enchants)

Classes will be $20 each to help keep our server and website running!  But right now, as a holiday special we will make classes just $10 each.  Also, you don't need to be a VIP to get a class. Anyone can get a class added to their username!  Just go to the VIP page to sign up!

Happy holidays and look forward to seeing you all in-game for more fun!

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YASMP Updates - Removed a few hated plugins.

YASMP is now on 1.4.4 - you can update your game client.  Also, we've tweaked some configs to do away with the much dislike falling dirt and cobble.  The anti-water-source bukkit should be gone as well.  We've kept the hardcore monsters because we think it's fun to see more charged creepers and blazes in the overworld.

We hope you'll continue to play and enjoy YASMP, always knowing that the Pwn9 team is in fact listening and here to server the players with their ideas and changes.

Make sure to take advantage of some of the great new features in YASMP like the /em (exchange market)


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YASMP Returnz

YASMP is back on 1.4.2.  There are some big changes in-line with our on-going effort to be a unique minecraft server in the world of same old same old boring servers.. 

Biggest Change - Extra Hard Mode - Mobs are more dangerous, its harder to mine, harder to farm, dirt and cobble falls like sand... and much more. This hyperintensifies the survival experience - making the standard environment just as dangerous as other players now.

Coolest Change - The Exchange Market - Vips can sell there items on the virtual market, and anyone can shop it.. think of it as minecraft ebay.  good times.

Still the same - EXP is turned off.  Brewing stands cannot be used.  We may relax this rule in the future.

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Minecraft Commentary!

Hey guys it's Infamous here with another Minecraft commentary! So if your just stopping by or if you have an hour of free time you shoulc watch out video! Thanks!!

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I'm On Top!

8 Weeks into Pwn9 Fantasy football and with a 5 win streak, me (tremor) is on top!!!  ohhh ya!!!!!  what now huh?     I'm not sure if supawiz is the pittsburgh potatoes or the steelers but one thing is certain..  fans of pittsburgh are not doing so well..    KMoore was on top for a bit but a 2 loss streak has really brought her down.    Heading into the 2nd half of the season though, it's still anyones game to win or lose!

RankTeamW-L-TPctPts ForPts Against


5.The really bad team3-5-0.375736.06807.82L-5
6.atlantic enterpriser3-5-0.375687.44724.56L-4
7.Pittsburgh Potatoes3-5-0.375655.92730.94W-2


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Hurricane Sandy - Pwn9 Potential Outages

Our servers our located in the Philadelphia area, so there is potential over the next few days that some of our services may be slowed down or potentially even completely out as widespread power outages are expected.  Just a heads up.  I'll be running some backups and downloading critical information to my local servers in the event of the absolute worst scenario.

Good luck for anyone else in the NorthEast..  feel free to join me..  goin' surfin.

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Just a remider. If you want to play on YASMP don't update your minecraft. Keep it on 1.3.2. If you update you'll have to go through the hassle of switching to an earlier version. And nobody wants to take the two minutes to do that, do they?

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For becomeing a daddy again!!! Tremor's second son was born today at 11:59 am.


Congrats Tremor!cool

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