It’s Time to PvP 1.8 Style

By popular demand, we’ve set the PvP and combat style of Pwn9 YASMP Minecraft server to full on 1.8 super-spam-click-no-skill style that everyone has been clamoring for.

So get on, get your friends on, get your grandma on…. and have a battle of who can click the fastest! Seriously though, when people say the 1.8 combat mechanics are better, they are really just saying it was more fun, so if that’s what everyone wants then why not.

Please note, if you try to put any items in your off-hand slot, they will be deleted! No crying or whining, just don’t put your golden apples or some other item in there.. no refunds! Off-hand is disabled and will delete any items you try to put there… so that means don’t waste time on making a shield either.

We certainly hope this is the change that will make everyone happy, and looking forward to some PvP action!

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