Minecraft: YASMP - Remove All Moderator Rank?

Yes. While you're at it, remove the chat filter and chat rules.
18% (8 votes)
Yes. Keep chat filter on, but relax overall chat rules.
7% (3 votes)
Yes. And keep chat rules in place so admins can ban serious offenders.
5% (2 votes)
No. Moderators are cool people who should be praised for even trying to keep all you morons somewhat halfway respectable.
41% (18 votes)
No. Keep moderators but relax chat rules.
30% (13 votes)
Total votes: 44
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#OccupyPwn9It seems like all


It seems like all these noobs are trying to run Pwn9 nowadays.

I like change, but I think this is too far.


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YARFS 2012Yet Another Rage

YARFS 2012

Yet Another Rage and Flame Server


I think we should keep mods - remember they aren't just used for chat moderation, they help mediate the relationship between the players and the admins. Passing information and news, helping test plugins from a player perspective, giving exper opinions on xraying/cheating through personal experience, etc.


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I'm really kind of shocked so

I'm really kind of shocked so far at the turn out of this vote so far.

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Why would we get rid of the

Why would we get rid of the moderator rank...

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Well I changed my mind since

Well I changed my mind since you brought it up. Having a moderator rank gives players the chance to help out and to be rewarded. Take that away and there's no incentive (for some people) to even try helping out. That, and removing the rank and the chat rules just feels like giving up to me, which could send the server into a death spiral machine.

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I think this poll is missing

I think this poll is missing an option: "Keep moderators but relax chat rules"

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Oh btw I added that last

Oh btw I added that last option - in case anyone was wondering.

Death spiral machine caught

Death spiral machine caught my attention the most out of fox's post.

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I suggested removing

I suggested removing moderators simply because for the most part their only mission is monitor chat.  And moderation and rules are often one of the most flamed about things in all Pwn9.  

We -would- like moderators to also help out new players and things but really, their is no structure, little communication and even less organization between admins and moderators.  At this point either the admins of Pwn9 really need to step it up another level and create a better system and better rules regarding moderation along with more lines of communication.....  or just drop the rank.   And to be honest even if there is a better system, better rules and structure, it will NEVER BE ENOUGH for those people with a bug in their pants, who consistantly feel the need to whine and complain about things.

The problem with getting the admins to do more is the fact that they already have so much to do, there is little time left to actually enjoy playing.  I suppose one solution would be to assign a head moderator, create a moderators forum area, and require a certain amount of activity.  Personally I'm still in favor of dropping the ranks.


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That was why I kept

That was why I kept suggesting staff meetings in the first place. Hardly any moderators could make it (it was intended for moderators), and so staff meetings were just for admins from like the 2nd/3rd meeting and on. :(

I don't know. I'm fairly available if anyone wants to chat w/ me about moderating. If the rest of the mods want to set up meetings or anything of that nature, feel free and I'll offer my input. I'll say this though. I'm not gonna organize anything if no one's going to bother showing up.