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MineCraft 1.6 Update + Shutting down

(Comic Sans cause Meat wanted it, blame him.)

First off, Happy Friday everyone! Time to party and watch new blockbuster films! We hope you find something enjoyable to do on the weekend because for 1 day we are being forced to temporarily shut down the entire dedicated server. Tremor said it was going to be Sunday (on the previous post) and on Saturday (in IRC), so I don't know which is for sure. But still, we will be back the next day after it happens!

As for MineCraft 1.6 Update, we've always told you in the past to "DO NOT UPDATE!", but this time is something different. With the development of a new MineCraft Launcher, it lets you pick which version you want to play on before logging in, how cool is that!? All you have to do is download the Dev Launcher (provided free by Mojang), pick your version on the top right, login on the bottom right, and you're in! Since the current map is barely about 2 weeks old, we don't have any plans to reset the map, and we will still be online on 1.5.2 version after 1.6 comes out!

Download the New MineCraft launcher: [Windows] [Mac/OSX] [Linux/Other

And also apologies for all of us taking long to work on Spawn and the new Battle-Zone map (No relation to the awesome Atari/Activision games). We have been busy with a lot of things on the back-end of the server. But we will get there eventually. (And also if you haven't noticed, PvPTag is back (Thank you Sage905!))

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My Stream

Hey guys im going to start streaming myself playing games and hanging out with some friends from Pwn9!

In this stream you will witness

-Epic Moments

-Hillarious Moments

-Nerd Rages

And much more!

Watch live video from beandar on www.twitch.tv


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Wolfenstein NWE newest video

Thought I would share for those of us who have been waiting for an update.





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The Return of YASMP

YASMP is now open!

Thanks for your patience folks! Enjoy!

Update #2: T -5 minutes and counting!

Update:  YASMP WILL BE OPEN FOR PLAY AT 6PM EASTERN! T -20 Minutes and counting!

First I would like to say thank you for being so patient! Tomorrow night (Friday Night) yasmp will be brought back online!  We dont have a specific time yet but personally Im aiming for 6pm Eastern.



I would also like to take a moment and recoginize Stefan1998 for his efforts in trying to stop the hackers/greifers. Though he wasnt able to stop them he did fight like hell to regain control and possibly stopped them from doing something much worse.


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YASMP Update

*Update #1: We have concluded our investigation and are working on a new map which we hope to have live soon! Sorry for the inconvenience this mess has caused!

We are aware of what happened with yasmp and are investigating. We dont have an estimated restoral time at this time. I will keep you updated!



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Due to a bug in the clans plugin involving how clan data is stored and somehow got corrupted, that we cannot seem to resolve..  we are going to be removing the clans plugin an deleting the clan database Sunday night, May 26th in order to resolve the problem.   We make a list of clan leades and re-pay them the cost of making a clan..  we suggest clan leaders make a note of their clan home coordinates so that they may reset the clan home... and make a list of your clan members..  YASMP and Pwn9 are only going to take responsibility to the existing clans leaders only..    we are making this move because inviting and doing stuff for your clan is pretty much completely broken and it may be the only way to fix it.

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Trouble Logging Into YASMP?

Thats probably because our friends at mojang are having issues with their servers again. These issues are intermittant and ongoing.

To check on the latest mojang server status:

Click here for the unoffical server status page.

Click Here for the offical mojang status page.

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