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1.6.2 Anarchy Map!

Server is now on a temporary Anarchy Map to try to bring back players.

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NyctoCraft stats are live!

Just got word from tREMor that the stats for Nycto server are now live and working! You can see it at http://nycto.pwn9.com/stats/

Besides the dashboard, which shows all overall server stats, you can see an individual player's in-depth stats on the Players page (http://nycto.pwn9.com/stats/players.php)

And finally, the map of the server is up too! (http://nycto.pwn9.com/stats/map.php). It only shows what has been explored, rather than rendering the whole thing and showing it all at once.

Notice - Please don't respond to spam posts in forum.

I know it seems like fun - but in reality it just makes things harder because the site has to clean up your orhpaned post after someone in staff removed the spam post.  Best thing to do if you see spam posts, ignore them, and let a staffer on IRC know about it.

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NyctoCraft (Beta) From Pwn9!

Development MineCraft server with hardcore edge.. pwn9.com:25555

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YASMP is now on 1.6.2!

I have updated the YASMP MineCraft server to 1.6.2! Tell your friends that we are updated! As for horses on this map, well this map was made before 1.6, so you will have to travel around and hopefully land on a new chunk that no one has been to before, you will be able to get horses from those spots far off into the map. Horses are enabled everywhere on the private map already.

I have also unbanned over 100+ people (who got banned for swearing or server hating, not advertising), so if you were banned for that, now you are welcome to come back!! When I get a chance, I might also check if donators have any current bans, and will most likely unban them too.

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Minecraft 1.6

I lost power during some storms and have been unable to update the server to 1.6, but Dream informs me there is a 1.6.2 update due out already for Monday.  Apparently lots of bugfixes and glitches in 1.6 that, we've geon from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2 within barely a week of the initial release. That's a big sad LOL, that MC developers can toss such a piece of GOB out on the market for everyone - and then all these servers and players clamor to get on the latest update as fast as possible, only to find all sorts of problems.

So we're going to sit and wait patiently for 1.6.2 and the stable/recommended bukkit version of it.  That could be another week possibly, until then enjoy the only slightly less glitchyt 1.5.2 that we are on now.

Thank you,

teh starf of pnw99

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State of affairs.

Hey just wanted to drop a little update.. so Pwn9 has experienced some serious problems over the last month, between a massive griefing and then our server host moving datacenters then screwing up everything and leaving us with nothing but a laggy mess for over a week..  well, it's got Pwn9 on it's death bed.

No joke.  While Sage, Dream and Supa do their best to maintain things with YASMP a laggy, intermittent server just won't hold people.. and worse, once it's been that way a full week..  the people generally won't come back.

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MineCraft 1.6 Update + Shutting down

(Comic Sans cause Meat wanted it, blame him.)

First off, Happy Friday everyone! Time to party and watch new blockbuster films! We hope you find something enjoyable to do on the weekend because for 1 day we are being forced to temporarily shut down the entire dedicated server. Tremor said it was going to be Sunday (on the previous post) and on Saturday (in IRC), so I don't know which is for sure. But still, we will be back the next day after it happens!

As for MineCraft 1.6 Update, we've always told you in the past to "DO NOT UPDATE!", but this time is something different. With the development of a new MineCraft Launcher, it lets you pick which version you want to play on before logging in, how cool is that!? All you have to do is download the Dev Launcher (provided free by Mojang), pick your version on the top right, login on the bottom right, and you're in! Since the current map is barely about 2 weeks old, we don't have any plans to reset the map, and we will still be online on 1.5.2 version after 1.6 comes out!

Download the New MineCraft launcher: [Windows] [Mac/OSX] [Linux/Other

And also apologies for all of us taking long to work on Spawn and the new Battle-Zone map (No relation to the awesome Atari/Activision games). We have been busy with a lot of things on the back-end of the server. But we will get there eventually. (And also if you haven't noticed, PvPTag is back (Thank you Sage905!))

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