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New Server closing for patches.. thanks to those who tested it out.

Thanks to everyone who came on and played some on the new server.. we hope to have it up and running soon...  i know it's been pushed back again and again, but things just keep coming up.  We've located some issues that need to be dealt with and hopefully we can get to those quickly.

For now, the new server will be offline to take care of a few things.. no date set as of yet when it will return - but hopefully next turn the yasmp map will also be ready to go.


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New server opening for pre-release preview

We've opened up our new server (the one that will replace 2 months of Anarchy map soon, hopefully) for a limited preview.  The primary (factions) map will not be available however our lobby, creative and harcore survival (NyctoCraft) maps as well as the BattleZone (which may look familiar) will be available. 

Interested to learn more? Well, find your way to our IRC channel, ask how you can connect, then wait - it may take a few minutes for someone to respond, with the server information to connect.

We ask that any feedback for the server be written up as a reply to this post, in a thoughtful and organized manner.  Posts like "I want old YASMP" and "Spawn is ugly" are neither constructive nor useful in any and will be deleted.

What does the fox say?

What does the fox say? choo ca choo coo choo
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Been Busy.

Just wanted to let everyone know I've been busy and gaming has been way way down on my priority list lately.  I know we had talked about setting up a new fancy Minecraft server but that's sort of fallen behind. The goal of Sept. 1st to open it up is not going to happen.  I'm not really sure when we'll get around to having it finished at this time. 

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Thank you for supporting Pwn9! But....

First. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported Pwn9 Gaming over the last 3 years, specially those of you who have DONATED to the cause to keep our various servers running, like Minecraft, Wolfenstein, These Forums, IRC, Mumble and more. It takes money and a lot of hard work and volunteered time by various staff members to make this all happen.

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Social Media

Just thought I'd share this, thought it was pretty funny.

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1.6.2 Anarchy Map!

Server is now on a temporary Anarchy Map to try to bring back players.

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