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Pwn9 now running on new hardware

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update, because things have been really busy lately. is now running on the new hardware with our new host.  As mentioned before, this hardware doesn't have as much RAM as our last one, so we've shut down Nycto.  The Minecraft servers and website have been completely transferred over, so we no longer have to pay a huge monthly bill.  Which means we don't -have- to accept donations. (Though we might again in the future, for those that want to support the community).  Scams like the one made by DarkTemplar will no longer have the ability to threaten our existence.

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Say goodbye to Wolf:ET

Effective midnight EST, March 30th, the Pwn9 Sponsored, =HA= Wolf:ET server will be shutdown, perhaps forever. At one time in it's history this game server was in the Top 50 in the world when it was part of ]AR[ Clan, during a time when Wolf:ET was the #1 played game in the world according to X-Fire gametime stats at the time.  The ]AR[ Clan was home to some of the worlds BEST Wolf:ET players, including your very own tREMor who was ranked in the top 10 on SplatterLadder along with Mongoose (who was better than tREMor straight up, but focused more clan/team play than the public ladder) as well as players you've never heard off and some that are still around, like DreamPhreak of course and MagicPie, Tylerin, Bloodworn and more (under different names back then).

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Pwn9 MC Server is now in Anarchy Mode. You can go back to the YASMP server by doing "/server yasmp".

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Hey everyone its DreamPhreak's Birthday Today! Make sure to wish him a happy birthday when you see him!!!!


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South Park Stick of Truth giveaway

BlinkBundle is giving away 5 spare Steam codes of the hilariously funny role-playing game South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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When Pwn9 moves to it's new home should we...

Keep this website/forums like it is (medium)
27% (7 votes)
Start over from scratch with something newer/better (easy)
69% (18 votes)
Try upgrading this site with its current users/content (hard)
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 26
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The rumors of Pwn9's death...

..have been greatly exaggerated.

More information to follow in the coming days.  Stay tuned...


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End of Pwn9

I tried to fight the credit card scamming of Reagan Greene aka DarkTemplar through PayPal, but in the end PayPal always side with the buyer. Fees and "chargebacks" resulting have put me in personal financial trouble such that, I can not continue to pay the balance on what it costs for the Pwn9 server per month.  With that, and the downfall of Minecraft of Pwn9 in terms of player base, and donations, I really have no choice but to close up shop.

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