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Creative Updates

While everyone is being forced to play on Creative while we hammer out a bit more stuff in YASMP, I decided to work on creative a bit. Now's its more free, open and friendly.

  • WorldEdit added for everyone! All the redstone stuff and certain plants are blocked to prevent Item drops if set in the air, which can lag the server.
  • Cleaned up Auto Messages, it was outdated (showed messages about donations), and made it more friendly.
  • Shortened down the 10 player-ranks to 2 and the 5 staff-ranks to 2. r1 has yellow name, ability to use Mob Eggs, Potions, Exp bottle, tnt, and can claim up to 2 plots.
  • r1 rank will be given out to people who are active and build cool things on their plots, and when we think they deserve a 2nd plot so they don't have to erase their first one.
  • Redstone for Everyone: Removed restrictions for redstone devices like pistons, hoppers, droppers, dispensers, doors, noteblock, jukebox, all the redstone components.

Also be sure to check out the updated Clash of Clans pages: http://www.pwn9.com/coc - I made the buttons, but J_A_C_K__E made the content. :)

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It is done.

Anarchy is no more.

YASMP… Still not ready yet.

So, just build something cool in Creative and the staff will all vote on their favourite, which may be featured in our new lobby map, in a few days.

We are working on getting the new YASMP map (featuring Towny) set up for Open Beta very soon…

Stay tuned.


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I have an idea

Since Anarchy is going away on Aug 1, I just came up with an idea to make the game a little more fun before the end.

The game is called (unless someone can think of a better name): Implosion.

It's fairly simple, actually.  Starting at 00:01 on Friday July 25th, the world will be 1/2 the size it currently is,

It currently goes from -6000,-6000 to +10,000, +10000, with the centre at 4000,4000, so on July 25th, it will become -0,-0 to 8000,8000. (8000 blocks)

On July 26th, at 00:01, the map will become 2000, 2000 to 6000,6000 (4000 blocks). 

On the 27th: 3000,3000 to 5000,5000 (2000 blocks). 

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What's goin' down? Anarchy

Yeah, that's right.

We're all fed up with Anarchy.  So it's shutting down on Aug 1st at midnight.  I've already set the self-destruct mechanism.  It will shut down, even if I get hit by a bus tomorrow. (I'm hoping that doesn't happen, by the way).

What will replace Anarchy?  Well, the plan is still to get YASMP ready and fired up.  But if it's not ready, we're not going to start it. So.. maybe nothing.

As much as this might kill off the rest of our player base, it's still better than the alternative, which seems to be personal attacks against each other.


So... Come on back on Aug 1, and see if we have a new server or not.




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What happened to Creative? Why isn't the new map out yet? Oh... And a Wiki!

One word... CloudAtCost. (Yeah, it's actually 3 words smashed together).

As the regular Minecraft players know, we were planning on having CloudAtCost be our server host for all things Minecraft.  Unfortuantely, they have undergone some serious problems, due to unforseen growth.  They have posted an update that indicates they are working on fixing the problems, but our Big Dog 3 server (aka Derp) has been offline for over 3 days at this point.

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Servers and lag and disk IO.. Oh my.


Just in case anyone still reads this stuff, and wants to know what's been going on...

The server host that I bought, that was supposed to get rid of the bills, hasn't turned out to be reliable enough to host a minecraft server.  I'm sure many of you have been frustrated with the lag and disconnects, and downtime lately.  I sure have.

So... For the short term, I've acquired another service, and we will be running Pwn9.com across two servers for the next month or two, while we see what's up with our other host.  It is still my hope that we will be able to use them, but they will need to get on the ball, first.

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Titanfall free trial

Play Titanfall for free for 48 hours with Origin Game Time: http://t.co/V526sMOUfE As long as you add the game to your origin game library before June 23rd at 10AM PDT you can start your 48hrs whenever you want.

How it works: You go to http://t.co/V526sMOUfE and add the game to your origin library. It's the full game, but there's a time limit over it for 48 hours. That 48 hours clock can start whenever you want, but you have to have the game in your library before sometime tomorrow. After that time tomorrow, you won't be able to get it anymore.

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Some really amazing BAMF pics.

here are abunch of pics that i took of some of our guild members after veolin found a secret place in GW2. sorry for how bad the shots look....

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