SimpleClans (With Land Claiming)
11% (2 votes)
SimpleClans (With NO Land Claiming)
44% (8 votes)
Factions (Has Land Claiming)
11% (2 votes)
Towny (Current) (Has Land Claiming)
22% (4 votes)
Vanilla (No organizational mods like above)
0% (0 votes)
Other (Specify in comments OR ELSE)
11% (2 votes)
Total votes: 18
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MineSoft? MicroCraft?

Well, I'm sure everyone has heard by now.  Fox asked a question about what this means for Pwn9, so I thought I'd throw out my $0.02.  The other staff are encouraged to share their views, as well.

At the moment, the community is full of speculation.  Here's some interesting places to go read more:




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Webchat (IRC) Notice

Hi Everyone,

If you go to our IRC page you may notice that the webchat client looks different...and you are right.

The webchat client we were using (webchat.esper.net) is hosted by esper.net folks and has unfortunately gone offline. While we do expect esper to fix it and bring it back online, we have put Kiwi Webchat in its place until that happens.

If the Esper.net folks decide to let their webchat die they we will be sticking with Kiwi.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Battlezone is Here!!!!!

Thats Right! Battlezone is here and all arena's are open!

There's one change you may or may not notice that we made. Previously, the winner(s) only got 90% of the total pot. We have decided to change that  and now the winner (1v1) will get 100% of the pot or in the case of teams, 100% of the pot will be split among the winners! Thats 10% more winnings! We also kept the entry fees the same ($25 in game money)!

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What's shakin? All four cheeks, and a couple of chins.

Well, as many of you have noted, things have really slowed down around here.  Player count is pretty low, and interest has been waning again.

In the background, the Admin team has been slowing down a bit, for a number of reasons:

  1. It's hard work running this place
  2. Player count has been low.  This makes us less excited about things.
  3. We're all a bit burnt out right now, and need to slow down a bit.
  4. The Server Mod community (Bukkit) has been blown up (see: http://bukkit.org for details)

So, what does that mean? 

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1.8 Is due out tomorrow

Hey, Pwn9 Minecrafters.

As many of you know, the official 1.8 release will be available tomorrow. Pwn9 will NOT be updating to a 1.8 compatible release right away. We _might_ get a 1.8 protocol compatible version within a week or two, but it will really depend on stability, more than anything else. So… In the mean time… If you client auto-updates, to connect to Pwn9, you will need to create a profile that uses the 1.7.10 version of the game.

So, when you get the launcher: Click the “New Profile” button, down in the bottom left corner: PastedGraphic3-2014-09-1-12-52.png

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I don't have much to say in this blog post, except..


Be ready for the return of NyctoCraft...    coming soon....

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BattleZone Update!

I know may of you are wondering about Battlezone... "Is it coming back?" What happened to battlezone?" When heres the update. Battlezone is coming back... and soon! I've been working on it and have everything up-to-date. Sage is working on permissions and I'm working on setting up the portals. Once those two things are done, I will need to test each arena to ensure they are working as expected. The last thing is, we admins need to discuss how we want to hook battlezone into the economy.

I hope to have battlezone live within the next week or two.


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