New YASMP map is now online!

After a long wait, it's finally done. There was a week delay after the planned opening date because I decided to redesign spawn at the last minute. A LOT of work went into building that spawn, so please walk around a bit and enjoy it. The spawn area has been made with the idea of pvp in mind, there's small buildings around for you to hide in and protect. The new map was also intended to be built like "the old yasmp", basic simpleclans + preciousstones (soon to be set up). Sage did some cool server magic, so if you connect to "" on version 1.7, you will be taken to the anarchy/build server. If you join to the same "" but on 1.8, you will be taken to the new YASMP. Hopefully this time, there will be no cheating at all from absolutely anyone, and have a fair and fun game.

So come on in, join the new old fun! If you are still in contact with old players, let them know about this and to give it a chance!

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Dirty Bomb -> The next FPS to try and be Wolf:ET

This is Dirty Bomb.. its going to be a F2P (but probably P2W) on Steam..  it's gotten mixed reviews..  it's using similar engine and game style as Brink and of course the predecessor and still unbeaten reigning king of all team objective FPS: Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.  Will Dirty Bomb make it where all the others have failed?  I'll be giving it a chance when the time come...


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DOS Games on the Internet Archive

This probably doesn't belong in a blog entry, but for those dinosaurs out there, like me, this is a big deal...

The Internet Archive has put 2,400 DOS games online to play for free in your browser.  There are some classics in there, (including some NSFW ones).

It's a shame they couldn't get the rights to some of my favourites (Wing Commander, Star Control), but there are still some great games, like Prince of Persia, Lemmings, and Wolfenstein (original and 3D!)


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Recent Website Changes

Hi Everyone,

First, Happy Holidays!


So after the last round of updates to the website We started getting complaints about thread comments being different, things missing, ect. This wasnt intentional. The main purpose of the updates is to keep the website secure but it appears that one of the modules we use has change quite a bit.

I'm currently on vacation for the next week but here's the plan:

1. Comment below on the changes you noticed and what you thought of them.

2. When I get back from Vacation I will review all the comments and do my best to fix any issues you all point out.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc.

It's been a rough year for Minecraft at Pwn9, but there is still a core community of gamers here that play Guildwars, Clash Of Clans, etc.

For those who still log into the main Minecraft server from time to time, you'll notice that the lag is currently unbearable.  This is due to our host, CloudAtCost.  They have vastly oversubscribed their disk array, and our main Minecraft server is suffering very badly for it.  They have informed me that they are trying to bring a new array online, but honestly, I don't know when that will be, if it will make a difference, or how long it will be before it's oversubscribed again.

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MC: Spigot 1.8 Released and the status of PWN9 Minecraft!

That's right! Spigiot has released Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot-API and Spigot server for Minecraft 1.8! "when will pwn9 update?" We don't have an exact answer to that right now. Wolvereness has already indicated he is going to serve spigot with a DMCA takedown notice. We are monitoring this and may choose to not update.  Additionally We have plugin testing to do to see what plugins still work and which ones are broken. Due to the pending Takedown notice from Wolvereness, some plugin developers have chosen not to update their plugins. All of these things have the ability to hinder our ability to update.

On that note, I'm happy to report that Tremor and Sage are hard at work updating their plugins (some of which are already good-to-go!).

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Taxes in Towny are no more

We've decided to eliminate taxes from Towny.  We don't want people's towns to vanish, simply because they haven't logged in for a while.

We reserve the right to change our minds at some point in the future, if it makes sense to re-enable them again.


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I dun goofed.

I moved a database the other day, and accidentally broke Towny permissions on the YASMP server.

In order to fix this, I had to roll back the server to a point before the change.  So if you've done anything in the past two days, I apologize, you will have to re-do it.



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