What do you think of Dirty Bomb?

It's a great game
18% (3 votes)
It's a lame game
6% (1 vote)
I haven't played it yet, but want to
41% (7 votes)
I haven't playet it, and don't plan to
29% (5 votes)
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 17
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The Latest in Pwn9 News.

Just some updates and odds and ends in Pwn9 News for those who are interested.  First of all, our Minecraft Server "YASMP" has moved yet again, this time hopefully coming to a rest for a little while.  It is now on the server that was donated to us by CloudAtCost.com.  YASMP, Creative and eventually BattleZone will be hosted on here now on Minecraft 1.8.x replacing the previous servers on Minecraft 1.7.10 which included NyctoCraft Hardcore server..

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YASMP Updates!

Hey everyone. There are lots of great ideas floating around for YASMP, and we've managed to get some done recently.

  • ADDED PLAYER SHOPS! Do /warp shop  and read the info on the walls. There will be books coming soon with more information.
  • ADDED PRECIOUS STONES! Vampiric Redstone, Lapis of Life, Snitch. You can silk touch the ore blocks for free and will only be charged if placing them down. No refunds, plan carefully!
  • Added PlayerHeads plugin to make heads drop at a slightly faster rate
  • Serversigns plugin is fixed, this is what we use to give the rewards like at the end of parkour challenges.
  • Spawn Shop will be temporarily closed while it's moved to the center tower at player shops area.

It's the weekend! Come online and join us! Rent out a player shop early to reserve your ideal shop location!

Small update, we decided to price the shops based on how far away they were from the center plot (the warp location)

The corners (green) will be $500 every 2 weeks. Blue is $750/2w. Yellow is $1000/2w. and Orange will stay the same at $1250/2w.  So now people with low money can still get a shop but not have the shortest route to players. Thanks Devils666 for the idea, thanks Ivy_ for helping complete it. Remember you can get to shops with "/warp shop"

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Creative 1.8.X is LIVE!

Its Back!!! Creative has been updated for 1.8.x! All existing plots remain!


Up Next I'm working on Battlezone! We also have something else pretty cool on the way! Stay Tuned!

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Happy Birthday DreamPhreak!

Hey Everyone! Today is DreamPhreak's Birthday! If you see him wish him a happy one!

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Creative Under Maintenance!

Hi Everyone,

We are taking our Creative Server offline temporarily so it can be updated to 1.8. Hopefully this will be very quick but we will make sure to post an announcement when completed!'


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Upsilon Circuit: If You Die In This Game, You Can Never Play Again. Ever.

Source: http://kotaku.com/if-you-die-in-this-game-you-can-never-play-again-ever-1690928265

So imagine this: There is ONLY 1 server. There are 2 teams of 4 people (total of 8). Each team must fight monsters, avoid traps, and compete against the other team. When a person fights monsters or finds treasure, the exp and other rewards go to the AUDIENCE, the massive amount of people watching these 8 players. The audience gets to pick and choose what skill on the skill tree to put the exp on.

If you die, you can never ever play the game again. It's called Upsilon Circuit (upcoming game).

Keep an eye out for it!

New YASMP map is now online!

After a long wait, it's finally done. There was a week delay after the planned opening date because I decided to redesign spawn at the last minute. A LOT of work went into building that spawn, so please walk around a bit and enjoy it. The spawn area has been made with the idea of pvp in mind, there's small buildings around for you to hide in and protect. The new map was also intended to be built like "the old yasmp", basic simpleclans + preciousstones (soon to be set up). Sage did some cool server magic, so if you connect to "Pwn9.com" on version 1.7, you will be taken to the anarchy/build server. If you join to the same "Pwn9.com" but on 1.8, you will be taken to the new YASMP. Hopefully this time, there will be no cheating at all from absolutely anyone, and have a fair and fun game.

So come on in, join the new old fun! If you are still in contact with old players, let them know about this and to give it a chance!

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