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It has come to my attention yesterday that someone from yasmp was advertising yasmp/pwn9 on another server. Since we have had a lot of major changes and a whole lot of new people since the last time i talking about this subject, its time for a refresher:

Advertising YASMP/Pwn9's name on other servers is FORBIDDEN.

This brings unwanted negative attention to yasmp/pwn9, and makes a bad name for us. We enforce our rule of "No advertising", yet it doesnt make sense when we enforce the rule with a nice helping of ban, and then someone gets the smart idea to advertise on other servers.

No one, not even staff, is allowed to advertise pwn9's name like that in such a disgraceful way. However, putting it on a social networking site for your friends is acceptable, since that is the best way to get more people on the server, which helps us and lets you have a place to you and your friends to hang out.

We also do our own advertising on sites specifically made for minecraft server listings, most of the old vote pages are listed here: http://www.pwn9.com/content/minecraft-yet-another-smp-pvp-survival-grief and if you are helping out by following the rule of not advertising yasmp, you can help us by voting on as many of those links you can. 
Also, if you want a reward for voting for us, use these links and use your full in-game name for $100 for each site! http://bit.ly/VoteYasmp http://bit.ly/VoteYasmp2 http://bit.ly/VoteYasmp3

Also, one more thing: An unwritten rule, also a part of the unwritten rules of server competition to get the most players, is that you dont advertise on other servers who dont advertise on yours. An extension of that is dont advertise on other servers AT ALL, even if they do spam-advertise on ours, because as ive said, it brings in unwanted attention of server haters.

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For the record, advertising on other servers has brought players like JCLIVERPOOL to Pwn9, yea, him.

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If you've been playing on a server, and make a few friends, and you tell them you're going to another server you play on for a sec, and they ask you what server that is, then I think it would be okay to tell them in a PM, or faction/clan chat. But don't just go out and join the server with "ZOMG GO TO PWN9.COM FO FREE OPS AND DIAMONDS!!1!". I've been on servers where they've actually had advertising wars, which end in 2 communities sending bots, DDoS attacks, and spam, to the other community, in bad taste. If you want to help the server out and send members to it, tell your FRIENDS, not other people on other servers. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Vote for us on various sites, or refer your friends to the server, and the website, but don' go out of the way, to another server, and advertise, it just brings negative attention, like DP said.

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That actually happened to us once. It ended by me contacting the admin of the other server in a respectable manner to ask for a truce, and despite the other guy being arrogant and rude, he still agreed, and thats how it ended like a two day spam war.

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If you do make friends on another server, you can always get them in skype, or refer them via PM, etc..    that's how we recruiting back in the days of AR on Wolfenstein - as advertising in public was bad bad.. and would get your server blacklisted by other server admins..  and you're clan would get a bad name.  

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