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Hello pwn9, it's been awhile since my last blog and I apologize for my recent lack of appearance.
I have been traveling constantly for the past 2 weeks to translate for various international conventions, it was, boring!
But I shouldn't complain because it pays the bills.

Today, I like to talk about Trolling.
Most of us here know what it is and have seen it.
But, why? I can think of many reasons why; " it's fun! it's entertaining! it's funny! it helps me pass time! "
To break it down what trolling is, it is simply an act to seek enjoyment out of other's misery. Some might argue that is not what trolling is about, some will say it is simply an action that intentionally provoke an emotional response.

The point is, you don't see much trolls outside of the internet.
It is only because when people are not hiding behind their monitors, theirs words are accountable.
When internet presents an opportunity for people to voice their opinions on a wide-range of forums with their identity sealed.
Sadly, there are those who see this as a chance to say whatever the hell they want knowing that they don't have to follow-up, knowing that they can get away easily. Because even if you post disriminatory, inflamatory or offensive messages, there are almost no consequences.
Empty death threat may be a joke, but too many people have underestimated the power of their own words. Sadly the consequences are only suffered by those who were threated upon.

To everyone: Please be considerate for others on the internet. Freedom of speech is given to us not only because we deserve it but because we can be responsible. The internet is meant to be a place to exchange limitless ideas which allows growth. Our words matter, yours too. So please do not take this lighty.

Everyone's words matter, but trolling is a waste of everyone's time.

The more you troll, the less you become. Then, your words will be as creditable as the boy who cried wolf.

- peace

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Very good post! I +1'd it. Welcome back!

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What language are you translating?

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Welcome back kdx! :D 

And I agree with Arctic - aweome post.



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Great post but there are times when trolling is a necessary evil...  sometimes there are people who just need to be taken down a notch.  Take the guy who's first post on Pwn9 was asking to be admin.... 


I will admit however I don't think there is a soul alive who would troll me face to face... except maybe some UFC fighters, and even then my fighting background gives me a chance despite being a bit out of shape these days... but certainly internet trolls are definitely weak little girls trying to feel better about themselves.

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If you are on the internet you are a troll. Come at me bro.

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ill have to agree with dark on this one.


Stefan (not verified)

@tremor *cough*cough* ._.

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