Pwn9 Minecraft Lets Play!

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Hello all people of pwn9! This is Beanar yet again with another minecraft series! ( one that i hope will overcome 1 episode! )

Anyways i encourage you to follow a couple of minecraft noobs carve their way to wealth and glory!


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"OMG what is this like a minute in and i've already died?" You died exsactly on the one minute mark, lol.


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Sorry about not being able to help, message me on the forums.

I really want to help and have some ideas!


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While I did like the video I don't think it's fair that you get to post your video on the front page.. There's plenty of other people who would want their video posted upfront, orrrrrrrrrrrrrr we could add another "community spotlight" thing.

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Well, it's the first one...why don't we move this type of stuff to the shiny new forum? It's Minecraft videos under Minecraft. Then if it's popular enough, feature it. I don't know. Are there rules to Blogger?

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Very nice, me, Ninja, and Meth (Maybe more) were planning on doing something like this, seems like good fun! Great video!

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