More Time to Kill

Tired of youtubing without getting a good video?

I've been checking out a few channels (most of them are directors from Machinima) and now to share with all of you to check it out!

sit back and relax.

BEWARE: most of these videos are intended for mature audience and profanity are used. Viewers discretions are advised.


1. BFBC2 commentary gameplay / Nazi Zombies commentary gameplay *17+

Battlefield BC2 gameplay: Attacker in Arica Habor

Battlefield BC2 gameplay: Eastern Island

Call of Duty: World At War: Nazi Zombies Montage 1

Call of Duty: World At War: Nazi Zombies montage ft. JD_2020


2. NBA 2K / COD: MW2 & Blackops commentary gameplay*PG 13

NBA 2K11 My Player : Hall of Fame difficulty

COD MW2: Abusing claymores in Free for all

COD Blackops: A Bad Spawn


3. For some reason I find the humor in this; the funny thing is that this guy is actually very good and can pwn you in a 1v1 with ballistic knife. *17+

How to Annoy People on blackops


These should help y'all kill some time XD


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If anyone played 1080 Snowboarding back in the day on their N64s, this might be interesting:


(well, it's me.)

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