I like it, but I don't like it.

Hello fellow pwn9ers.

So it's been over a week since the 1.8 adventure update for minecraft, and I must say, plenty new add-ons to the game seems like it is a brand new game.

But for some reasons, I feel that the update does not work well when comes to survival multiplayers. Allow me to explain:

Well first of all, since the update, minecraft is now more exploration oriented, the name of the update says it all.

With the addition of hunger bars, players must now wait to allow their health to regenerates. If you went on an exploration and got ambushed by a creeper, not only you have to make sure your hunger bar is full and then wait impatiently for your hp to slowly go up; in smp you also have to watch out for other players taking advantage after seeing you taking damage from a creeper. In other words, the new health system essentially allows a group players with nothing but their fists to take town someone with full diamond equipments. I'm not suggesting that such case will happen often but consider before 1.8, full diamond solo players can defend themselves from a handful of leather armors players, however now with the update it is much easier to surround a full diamond player and fist him/her to death. Armors don't  count much when you already have low health, I guess all there's left to do is to RUN. ( To me, the update increases player's vulnerability which discourage pvping; of course some see it as a challenge)

Don't get me wrong, I love the adventure mode update, but I play the game mostly because I enjoy SMP. Needless to say, since 1.8 my experience with smp is different. Personally, it is just not what it used to be; I remember digging hundreds of blocks of underground tunnels just to find a handful of diamonds. But now when comes to ores, anyone has equal chances because it is only a matter of who finds all the ravines first. I remember the times when peeps are frustrated with ores and just have no clues how to find diamonds, now anyone can easily find stacks of irons and plenty of diamonds whenever they stumble upon a ravine opening. 

Perhaps things haven't been so different, but the game of smp has been changed. And of course I am aware that there may be possible future changes in YASMP with new plug-ins which may also bring new experience into smp, I believe most including myself can't wait to see what will it be.


ps: don't take this too seriously, these are only my opinions and my opinions will change. I share them only because maybe some of you might be able to relate to what I discussed


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Quick! Someone go find a plugin that puts health back to how it used to be!

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Just to re-assure all our YASMP players that a developmental server (separate from the live one in anarchy mode) is being worked on, and various plugin options are being explored.

Due to the nature of the updates to 1.8, we've had to assess and basically start from 0, on the plugins we use and have installed... no matter what we do however, keep PvP fresh and fun as a main part of our server will be at the top of the list.

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Just FYI the new system for the health vastly improves PvP and adventuring. A good example of why would be Diablo. I'm sure most of you know about Diablo 3 and hopefully the game before that, Diablo 2.

The health system in Diablo 2 was terrible and as a result monsters needed to one shot you practically because of instant health gained from potions. Samething for the previous minecraft versions. You were pretty much invincible if you had food which completely ruins PvP and turns fights into who has the most food or who can insta-gib the other person first.

With the new system in Diablo 3 (health orbs) it regenerates your health over time depending on how many orbs you pick up while fighting which allows for more dynamic fights. The new update for minecraft has essentially the same principle. It lets you heal over time, but not instantly so PvP won't be completely ruined. Not only does it improve PvP, but it also makes adventuring much easier. You can now stack most foods and instead of wasting food for every little mishap you only need to snack every so often.  I hated how I would always be missing hearts because of falling a tad too far or getting hit once. The only downside is now you're not invincible and if you get sorrounded you'll probably die like you should anyway.

As for the diamond armor being useless I believe it's the complete opposite. Ignoring people getting lucky and finding ppl with low health and instantly being able to hit them; people with armor have a much greater advantage. Each heart regenerated is much more useful on someone with armor than someone without. People with low or no armor can no longer kill people with diamond armor just because they happened to have more food; now there's no way to cheat death(except running really fast in the opposite direction i suppose lol).

About the ravines... I don't think many have diamonds in them, but they do usually have iron/coal. I think that ravines are rewards for adventuring and that it's nice you can profit from adventuring now and not be forced to strip mine. More options are always good. I don't believe adventuring would be more profitable then strip mining for diamonds even with ravines added in, but it adds another dimension to adventuring which can't be a bad thing.


P.S. Who waits for their health to regenerate? I know I don't.... then again I don't take creepers to the face. Also if you're adventuring and someone follows you all that time and waits for the right moment to strike then kudos to them; they deserve the kill. I'm sorry but all your examples are so.... skewed. Seriously, what if I was almost dead and someone attacked me... If I DO live then there's something wrong. Also I bet I would gain health if someone was punching me and I had diamond armor on.


I'm going to side with Blizzard on this one, I mean Notch! >.>


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I agree, but ur still fat.

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Completely agree with blood


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Agree with Blood wholeheartedly, sadly I cannot upvote atm.

^If you ruv me, give me an interweb :3

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brake13 (not verified)

I havent read through the comments and I dont quite know what plugin limits are, but I would like to sujjest looking for some sort of med kit plugin rather than the old food system. I like the new food system but I feel notch should have balanced out the need for instant healing with some sort of first aid kit item.

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