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The Pwn9 League After 5 Weeks of Football

It's been quite the interesting first five weeks in Pwn9 FF.  Out of 8 teams, 6 are 3-2 and 2 are 1-4.    Here's the standings so far.

RankTeamW-L-TPctPts ForPts AgainstStreak
5.atlantic enterpriser3-2-0.600489.96483.62L-1
6.The really bad team3-2-0.600463.54472.48L-2
7.Pittsburgh Potatoes1-4-0.200354.64435.22W-1


After week 2, Pwn9 Fantasy Football Standings.

The second week of the NFL season has come and gone and so has the Pwn9 Fantasy Football League.  A couple of powerhouses and a couple of.. "meh, you suck" teams have already panned out..  leading the way in scoring and wins is Metheman's team "The really bad team".  How ironic.  Read on to see the league standings...


Sign up for Pwn9 Fantasy Football

If you like to play fantasy sports... or if you'd like to get your hands on a swanky new forum badge (for the league winner) - Then sign up and play a season of Fantasy Football!  

We are going to be using Yahoo Fantasy sports, it's pretty easy to sign up.  Just  CLICK HERE

League Rules:

1. We've setup a live draft date, if you can't make the draft, players are autopicked by your preset rankings.

2. Create any team name you like, just nothing vulgar - and you must let me know who you are - which team is yours.

3. 1 Team per player.

That's all.. good luck!


YASMP for 1.3.1 Now Online - with less calories, but better tasting

YASMP has returned...   here is a quick overview of some of the changes that we have made.. you'll find this to be a major major change for the direction the server and minecraft has been going in.  We've decided after review many of you noobzer's posts on what you "think" a server should be, that the general consensus was a return to the past before minecraft got all RPG-like.  So that's what we are doing..  If you don't like it..  please leave.

  • 1 normal world, no nether no potions. This is a brand new map.
  • EXP orbs 100% disabled, no enchants (unless you get one in trade).
  • Autobanning is enabled for bad language, spam, advertising, various hacks and glitching (so dont push your luck) 
  • No appeals system. Most autobans are for 7 days,. you get banned.. well, guess you shouldn't have got banned.
  • No staff. Period, or ever again. (Exception for a few admins to perform server related tasks)
  • There is no server lag, the server runs at 20TPS 24/7 - the new lag is client side so stop whining about lag.. get a better computer or tell your minecraft developers to fix their many many many lighting and single threading issues.
  • Spawn is simple, with its own NPC village.
  • Pvp no grief zone extends around spawn about 100 blocks.
  • Standard cooldowns for default, vip, and supervip apply, evip has no cooldowns.
  • Default will have /home, /sethome, /spawn
  • SuperVip gets /tpa
  • All players have access to /ignore - use it, there are no mods/guides now so, if you can't stand someone you have the option to ignore them.
  • There is basically no money/economy anymore.. use trading with villagers for a bit of fun.  You can get in-game money by voting for the server, eventually we''ll have some small used for voting / money to make rewards for supporting us.  Perhaps with clans.
  • Clans are not enabled right now, but we will be bringing the clans back.. with a major change.. clans will be FREE (or really cheap) to create and we will let default create clans too.


An update on YASMP for Minecraft 1.3.1 - Progress being made.

Our friends at Bukkit have released a "recommended build" for 1.3.1 and plugins are being updated as we speak.  Some of you may noticed that YASMP is in fact, ONLINE - however at this time it is incomplete and is whitelisted for further development.  We will continue to work on the server and hope to have it up perhaps as soon as Wednesday, 8/8.


Follow all the latest updates as they become available LIVE on Pwn9 IRC! Tremor will be announcing updates and changes as he makes them throughout the evening on 8/7.  Catch all the exciting action of installing plugins.


A day in the life of tREMor

Hey Pwn9'ers, here's what it's like to hang out with me for a bit on a hot Sunday afternoon, some highlights.





A good reason to check the website every now and then, for something other than ban appeals.

The YASMP invite beta went well, so no.. it's OPEN BETA. 

Visit the new YASMP before if goes fully live to the world... this weekend..  on

A chance to get a head start in a new world. -- unless, we find major bug or exploit and have to wipe inventories (this the BETA part).

:) have fun... your reward for checking in on the website....


Moderator Wipe For YASMP When It Returns.

This is just a quick announcement to everyone.. that when YASMP returns we are doing a complete staffing overhaul.  

1. There will be no staff applications - we will be picking staff the way we used to, by secret admin gathering in a dark basement.

2. Asking about being on staff for YASMP is forbidden and will result in immediate disqualification - starting NOW as of this post. Do not ask if you'll be a mod next map, in-game, pm, forums, etc.. if you do you will be added to our "will never ever ever ever be staff" list.

3. Staffing rules will more more strict, with a 1 strike your out policy.  If you break a single rule as a moderator, including Pwn9, Forum and IRC rules.. you will be added to the "will never ever ever ever be staff again" list.

4. The "Moderator" rank has been completely removed.  It will be replaced by the friendlier sounding "Guide", but with basically the powers to mute, kick, warn and tempban.

5. The "Admin" rank will have greatly diminished powers. In our hardcore and kitpvp worlds, two new instances we will be introducing..  all players will have the same (minimal) commands inlcuding admins.


- Comments on this post are OFF, in order to protect people from being stupid and asking about ^ and being added to the "never ever ever ever" list.