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Updates for YASMP

I've made some updates based on some ideas, atleast some that weren't too big to make, to maybe boost YASMP up a bit more as it's fading in player count... I've added some things people have wanted to see and done a few "by popular vote" decisions.. if you weren't around to be part of those or didn't chime in so far, well then that's your problem.  I don't see us turning things around in 1.5 anytime soon without a whole new map so these are patches until 1.6 comes around. 

  • Whitenamers and the VIP rank now have /tpa.  They still have their long timeouts between uses that are linked with /home and other commands.
  • Whitenamers and the VIP rank now have /warp.  They still have their long timeouts between uses that are linked with /home and other commands.
  • The nether has all the same commands now as the overworld.
  • Nethewart has been re-enabled in the normal world, all previous farming limits have been removed.
  • Anvils, hoppers, droppers, tripwires, dispensers, and other previously blocked items have been re-enabled.
  • Anvils can be used by anyone, no classes necessary.
  • The no-pvp area of spawn has been shrunk, PVP is now enabled as close to spawn as the creeper gate.
  • Boardwalk shops have been removed.
  • Plans are in place to bring back EPICTOWN using our rental system that we have for shops.
  • Multiverse has been added, we plan to add some world instances perhaps.

Additional Update Notice: It's always sunny on YASMP, that's right as of sometime this weekend, we'll be going storm free!  I've decided to shut down the rain, after all we're a PVP server, so our focus should be on performance, and nothing sucks more than laggy old rain. 



What what what? OMG

Had to see it to believe it, will it be epic? It better be.... you screw this up Bethesda and I'm coming after you with everything I got....



Elder Scrolls Online

Just signed up for the Beta.. will this be what drags me away from GuildWars 2?

We'll see.. if Bethesda is smart, they'll give me a beta invite.. and send Pwn9 a bunch of free shwag.


Tired of whining, so pulled ExtraHardMode Plugin from YASMP.. now let the new whining begin.

Due to immense crying that YASMP was "too hard" to play due to our ExtraHardMode plugin... it is now being removed..  completely..  I'm tired of trying to edit a plugin designed to make the game harder and more interesting, so that it is less hard and less interesting.  Therefor - it is my opinion that's it's both too much work and too much complaining to maintain.  So from here on, the EHM Mod is GONE.

Now we'll have to deal with everyone complaining about how too easy everything is.  Well, y'all made your bed.. now sleep in it.  Enjoy the Pot-Spam the overabundance of all materials from massive and unrestricted farming.

I'm DONE - quitting, and never again going to attempt to modify the minecraft gaming environment to make it less boring.  From here on out, YASMP is going to have the plain old vanilla Minecraft experience...  oh wait, but what's this???  Minecraft 1.5 is coming soon..  and OMG GUESS WHAT -  They are making it HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess y'all are going to have to go cry to Mojang then.  

Read about changes below to: Slightly more nerfed farming, increases in AI combat, skeletons anti-mele and increase range, zombies getting a buff, and more.

I can hear it now: 

>Crying Noob:  "tremor take off these @##$ derp mods that make Minecraft harder.. whaaaaa whaaaaaa..  "



Have a safe and happy new year.

I just wanted to wish everyone who partakes in the fun at Pwn9 and who will also be partaking in the fun during the New Year's celebration to have fun and be happy, but be safe.  I know most of yuse gusy won't be out and about behind the wheel but for a small section of our gaming community - just ya know, don't be stupid.. I know it's asking a lot but I want to see everyone back here come January 2nd, after you've recovered.


Developing new banning system, ban rules for Minecraft Survival Server.

Ok lets start an honest and strong conversation here..  about cheating on YASMP.  It's going on all over the place and I'll be the first to admit our system for dealing with it is uneven and even perhaps unfair, where we are quick to permaban a whitenamer over a vip, despite the VIP page and rules stating that ther are no exceptions.  I'm going to start with a frame work and you all can lend your opinion.  And we'll see if by the New Year we can have some new anti-cheat rules and ban rules in place.


YASMP on Minecraft 1.4.6

Our server has now updated to 1.4.6, update you game client and enjoy!


Also, for that and the holidays VIP and CLASSES are discounted, give yourself the gift of cool commands and options!


Please  not that 1.4.6 is a Beta build of Bukkit.. there may be bugs and/or rollbacks.  There may also be exploits that are yet unknown.  If you happen to find a bug or exploit please report it to the staff.  If you are found to be using any new exploits to gain an advantage your stuff will be wiped and your account banned for 7 days.  Please help in making YASMP a fair and fun server to play.  Report bugs and exploits.. it's the right thing to do.




Minecraft 1.4.6 Update - DONT DO IT Until YASMP Updates!

Hello everyone there is a game update for Minecraft 1.4.6.  This update will break things for servers and make those who update their game unable to connect to Pwn9's Minecraft servers until we update as well.  As usual, the update process can take a week or more.  We urge you that if you wish to continue playing on Pwn9 Minecraft servers to NOT UPDATE until the time in which we say the servers have been updated as well.


If you HAVE UPDATED and need to go back.  It's simple.  First get this file:

Save that "minecraft.jar" over your existing minecraft jar in the games /bin folder.   Now here is a quick and easy way to get to your bin folder.

1. Open minecraft.

2. On the main screen where it says - "single player" - "multiplayer" - "texture packs"  - CLICK TEXTURE PACKS!

3. On the bottom of the texture pack screen a button says "OPEN TEXTURE PACK FOLDER" -  Click that button.

4. It will open file browser window in the ".minecraft/texturepack" directory.  Browse UP 1 Directory to ".minecraft".

5. Now you should see a "bin" directory.  Open it.

6. Paste minecraft.jar into bin directory.

7. Play older version of minecraft and profit.