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New Pwn9 IP Address

Pwn9 will have a new IP address which will be (  This should not affect most of you who use the "" domain name to connect to our servers, but if you use the IP address please be sure to update that in your saved servers list.

This may affect Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory more than Minecraft. Our new Mumble server is hosted on a different server, it's IP remains the same.

Note to staff (specially DreamPhreak) - this IP change may also require us to update all of our server listing accounts.

If anyone has any problems during/after this changeover - you can get on IRC and give a shout.


Return of Pwn9 Mumble

Mumble has returned to PWN9.  Join our Mumble server, just punch in the address: Mumble.PWN9.Com /or/ PWN9.Org  (IP: using the default Mumble port 64738.


Need help installing Mumble?  Visit this link ->


Feel free to use our Mumble for any of your VoIP activities.


The Great MMO Migration: Your chance to win Guild Wars 2 Free

For more details and to sign up visit this link.

Here is your chance to get a free copy of the game.. also, Until December 3rd, the full game (heroic edition) is 40% off. 


Introducing Trove - A Minecraft-like game, that may end up being better.

So I've had a look at Trove, and have actually had a chance to talk to some people who are close to the project. This is potentially the successor to Minecraft.. check it out.


Youtubing my single player hardcore adventures again!

By the popular request of at least 1 person..  I'm doing some single player hardcore mode let's plays again.  This time I have a goal, to see how fast I can get a full suit of diamond armor at prot 4. 




1.7.2 Anarchy map taking over - switch to latest client version.

A new minecraft release, a new map and no ranks... yes it seems like it was just yesterday, because it practically was... and here we are again - ANARCHY time. This is the time when our server gets tons of noobs, everyone cheats and no one cares about anything..  where YASMP is actually popular for a short period of time.  So jump on in and enjoy... we'll make some sort of effort to fix all the issues with our more structured server and bring it back sometime in the undetermined future.... 


Pwn9's IP Address will be changing soon.

Just to forwarn anyone who has gotten accustomed to accessing a Pwn9 server like Wolfenstein or Minecraft using the IP Address instead of the Domain Name ( - our host is making us change our IP soon...  we expect very limited interuption in actual service. will still work as usual.  Those affected will be those who have used the IPs, also, some of our server listing partner websites may start showing us as 'offline' until we update a lot of that information.  Our Wolf:ET PBBans anti-cheat may end up being offline for a few days as well, so it may be safe to crack out that aimbot - err.. no..  don't do that. 

Anyway just thought I'd give you a heads up.



New Server closing for patches.. thanks to those who tested it out.

Thanks to everyone who came on and played some on the new server.. we hope to have it up and running soon...  i know it's been pushed back again and again, but things just keep coming up.  We've located some issues that need to be dealt with and hopefully we can get to those quickly.

For now, the new server will be offline to take care of a few things.. no date set as of yet when it will return - but hopefully next turn the yasmp map will also be ready to go.