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A bit about what I have been going trough.

An update from the BAMF Guild Leader: Huma Dragonbain


My family has been going trough some tough times latley and I have been unable to play at all.  First my grandmothers sister died and that took up a whole week.  Then my brother died at a Red Wings game and was brought back with an AED unit, then spent 6 days in ICU in detroit.  After he was released and got home in his chair I was put in the ER with stomach pain.  The doctors thought I had burst my apendix.  Thank the gods I only had inflamed bowels and had to take antibiotics for 2 weeks and go on a liquid diet.  So 20 pounds lighter and a few months later I am able to put some time aside for me to play again.  I am sorry to those this has affected the most and hope you understand that I have been through a lot in the past few months.  Hope to see you all soon.