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Minecraft Vanilla Server

If you don't follow our Twitter or Facebook pages, and have been ignoring our Discord chat as well, you might have missed the news that we have had a Vanilla Cooperative (No-Grief) server up and running for quite a while now.  It is whitelisted, so you'll have to contact us to get access. 3 new players have been added recently, maybe it's time you join us as well!

Also in other news, I've decided to temporarily turn off all other pwn9 servers. They needed some tender loving care and need to be updated (They were in the 1.8 versions!), So Vanilla is the only server up for right now until things are fixed.

And seriously, you should join our Discord server already! It's is replacing our IRC/Mumble/Forums, you won't need any other VoIP software (TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Skype, Mumble), or any other group chat software (IRC).  Besides our Pwn9 server, there are tons of other great public servers you can join too, mainly gamer oriented servers, check them out at https://www.discordservers.com/

For both the Vanilla server and Discord server, you can see information about both on the sidebar to your right ->

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Town Adventures :: Weekend Event #1

This weekend we are holding the first ever Town Adventures weekend event. I think it would be nice to have this event every weekend. Everything is set up so I just have to enable/disable it quickly to get it going.

  • The Ender Dragon is back! It will spawn every weekend, regardless if the weekend event is running, though sometimes it might be tougher than other weekends to kill.
  • 1/10,000 chance to get a rare sword from regular mobs!
  • 2x the amount of claimblocks you can get for playing on the weekends!
  • Mob loot for most hostile mobs has been changed for the weekend, a chance for some rare drops!
  • Loot for other actions and other mobs has been changed as well, a chance for some interesting or funny drops!
  • Gold tools are now useful! But I can't reveal it's secrets, you have to play and find out. ;)
    • Will add more special drops for using gold tools in the future.

The event lasts from Friday morning to Sunday night. Suggestions for future weekends welcome.

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Reminder about the twitch.tv streams page!

Just a quick reminder that the live streams page is up and running @ http://www.pwn9.com/content/twitchtv-streams (Accessible through the drop-down list over the Home menu button)

If your name is on the list, when you go live it will show up on that page. Suggestions are welcome and requested.

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Happy Birthday Hero460!

I dont know what else to say other than Happy Birthday! 


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YASMP Updates!

Hey everyone. There are lots of great ideas floating around for YASMP, and we've managed to get some done recently.

  • ADDED PLAYER SHOPS! Do /warp shop  and read the info on the walls. There will be books coming soon with more information.
  • ADDED PRECIOUS STONES! Vampiric Redstone, Lapis of Life, Snitch. You can silk touch the ore blocks for free and will only be charged if placing them down. No refunds, plan carefully!
  • Added PlayerHeads plugin to make heads drop at a slightly faster rate
  • Serversigns plugin is fixed, this is what we use to give the rewards like at the end of parkour challenges.
  • Spawn Shop will be temporarily closed while it's moved to the center tower at player shops area.

It's the weekend! Come online and join us! Rent out a player shop early to reserve your ideal shop location!

Small update, we decided to price the shops based on how far away they were from the center plot (the warp location)

The corners (green) will be $500 every 2 weeks. Blue is $750/2w. Yellow is $1000/2w. and Orange will stay the same at $1250/2w.  So now people with low money can still get a shop but not have the shortest route to players. Thanks Devils666 for the idea, thanks Ivy_ for helping complete it. Remember you can get to shops with "/warp shop"

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Upsilon Circuit: If You Die In This Game, You Can Never Play Again. Ever.

Source: http://kotaku.com/if-you-die-in-this-game-you-can-never-play-again-ever-1690928265

So imagine this: There is ONLY 1 server. There are 2 teams of 4 people (total of 8). Each team must fight monsters, avoid traps, and compete against the other team. When a person fights monsters or finds treasure, the exp and other rewards go to the AUDIENCE, the massive amount of people watching these 8 players. The audience gets to pick and choose what skill on the skill tree to put the exp on.

If you die, you can never ever play the game again. It's called Upsilon Circuit (upcoming game).

Keep an eye out for it!

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Spooky scary skeletons

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Towny upkeep bug fixed!

Today we noticed a problem regarding the $20 daily tax, regardless of the size of your town, it was always $20.  Just now, it's been fixed, and the new price is based on how many plots you CLAIM for your town.  It currently stands at $10 a plot, so if your town has 10 plots, it will be $100 a day.  If you live alone and only have 3 max plots, it will be $30 a day.  You get the idea.

Also in other things going on:  Here's a survey for everyone regarding the new YASMP, so we can know everyone's opinion on how we are doing with the server so far: http://bit.ly/YASMPSurvey

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