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Spooky scary skeletons

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Towny upkeep bug fixed!

Today we noticed a problem regarding the $20 daily tax, regardless of the size of your town, it was always $20.  Just now, it's been fixed, and the new price is based on how many plots you CLAIM for your town.  It currently stands at $10 a plot, so if your town has 10 plots, it will be $100 a day.  If you live alone and only have 3 max plots, it will be $30 a day.  You get the idea.

Also in other things going on:  Here's a survey for everyone regarding the new YASMP, so we can know everyone's opinion on how we are doing with the server so far: http://bit.ly/YASMPSurvey

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YASMP is now in Open Beta!

Remember that beta means there are still a few things that need tweaking, mainly permissions. But for now, the server is live, open for all! (If you start in the creative server, you can get to YASMP by typing /server yasmp)

The server has Towny and a Market/economy, you can get started with both using this video by Sage905:

Go ahead and grab a buddy, both of you vote and make a total of $1000 to start a new town with /town new [NAME], should only take a few minutes to have your very own town!

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Seems like people needs a reminder...

anabelzombie, Andrewzh13, deval2004, Frostmenace, Hero460, LachlanDarke, MateoZombie, Meep58, Menezes_is_Nate, misha7126, purple4slime, YASMP

The creative server is meant to be a safe haven for all creations, and griefing is the worst thing possible on this server.

Everyone banned should know that they are very lucky this is only a 1 week tempban for griefing. Since the griefing was being done with the //up command (which has now been removed from everyone) to generate a glass block anywhere, it's partly my fault for not testing this before giving everyone worldedit.

Now you're probably thinking: "Well dreamphreak, if it's your fault, why are we the ones getting banned?", and the answer is that the damage done with these glass blocks cannot be undone, not by me, not by the server, not with plugins, not with commands (Since it's not recorded in LogBlock) - Everyone affected by this griefing has to remove them manually (or use worldedit) and repair the damage that was done.

So 1 week tempban to think about your actions, GRIEFING ON A PROTECTED SERVER, and don't ever grief on the creative server again. Some of you may have only done this as revenge because someone did it to your plot first, but revenge is not the answer. If someone reported this when it started happening, it would have been fixed before it got this bad.

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Creative Updates

While everyone is being forced to play on Creative while we hammer out a bit more stuff in YASMP, I decided to work on creative a bit. Now's its more free, open and friendly.

  • WorldEdit added for everyone! All the redstone stuff and certain plants are blocked to prevent Item drops if set in the air, which can lag the server.
  • Cleaned up Auto Messages, it was outdated (showed messages about donations), and made it more friendly.
  • Shortened down the 10 player-ranks to 2 and the 5 staff-ranks to 2. r1 has yellow name, ability to use Mob Eggs, Potions, Exp bottle, tnt, and can claim up to 2 plots.
  • r1 rank will be given out to people who are active and build cool things on their plots, and when we think they deserve a 2nd plot so they don't have to erase their first one.
  • Redstone for Everyone: Removed restrictions for redstone devices like pistons, hoppers, droppers, dispensers, doors, noteblock, jukebox, all the redstone components.

Also be sure to check out the updated Clash of Clans pages: http://www.pwn9.com/coc - I made the buttons, but J_A_C_K__E made the content. :)

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Titanfall free trial

Play Titanfall for free for 48 hours with Origin Game Time: http://t.co/V526sMOUfE As long as you add the game to your origin game library before June 23rd at 10AM PDT you can start your 48hrs whenever you want.

How it works: You go to http://t.co/V526sMOUfE and add the game to your origin library. It's the full game, but there's a time limit over it for 48 hours. That 48 hours clock can start whenever you want, but you have to have the game in your library before sometime tomorrow. After that time tomorrow, you won't be able to get it anymore.

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Hey everyone its Supawiz6991's Birthday Today! Make sure to wish him a happy birthday when you see him!!!!

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Pwn9 MC Server is now in Anarchy Mode. You can go back to the YASMP server by doing "/server yasmp".

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