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League of Legends World Championship Brings in Nearly a Million Concurrent Viewers

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Sat, 2015-10-03 23:47

The League of Legends World Championships kicked off earlier this week in Paris, raking in nearly one million concurrent viewers on Twitch. And that doesn't account for viewers using other streaming platforms like YouTube, Douyu, and Longzhu, the latter of which has estimates of over 8 million concurrent viewers.

Bringing in the 16 strongest teams from China, Korea, North America, Europe, Brazil, Thailand, and Taiwan--fans have gathered to watch their favorite players duke it out on stage until one League of Legends team is left standing.

The tournament is a multi-city event, with the round robin stage taking place in Paris. Following that, the bracket stage will take place on October 15 in Wembley Arena in London, and will continue in the Brussels Expo in Brussels. The tournament grand final will conclude on October 31 in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

You can check out more of our Worlds Coverage here on GameSpot.

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Titanfall Hits 10 Million Milestone

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Sat, 2015-10-03 07:46

Respawn Entertainment's first game was a big success. The developer has now announced that the Xbox and PC game has crossed the 10-million mark. Writing on Twitter, Respawn boss Vince Zampella announced the figure, though he didn't say if it represents copies sold or total number of players.

Titanfall is available free on Xbox One through EA Access and on PC by way of Origin Game Time. Whatever the case, it's a big number and it now seems only like a matter of time before Respawn officially announces Titanfall 2.

This figure is up from 7 million, which is the number of "unique users" that played the game by November 2014.

"Celebrating 10 million!" Zampella said on Twitter, accompanied by a picture of a party at the developer's offices. "Thanks to everyone; we love you all!"

Titanfall is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Titanfall 2, meanwhile, is expected to be a multiplatform title. What would you like to see from the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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Master Chief Is Dead, But Not Really, in This New Halo 5 Video

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Sat, 2015-10-03 07:17

Microsoft has published a new TV commercial for Halo 5: Guardians that dives deeper into the Master Chief vs. Spartan Locke story for the upcoming sci-fi shooter. As we learned in the last TV commercial, the "official" story in Halo 5 is that Master Chief is dead. But that's not exactly true. This new ad sees Spartan Locke and the rest of Fireteam Osiris setting out to hunt down Chief, who has apparently gone rogue.

"The only thing worse than losing a hero, is watching him turn against us," the narrator says about Chief.

This commercial will air during this Sunday's Fear the Walking Dead season finale. Microsoft is buying up premium ad space for Halo this year, as last week's commercial ran during Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Halo 5 launches on October 27 exclusively for Xbox One. You can learn more about the game's interesting-sounding story through the Serial-style "Hunt the Truth" podcast series, the second season of which recently started.

In other recent Halo 5 news, the Seattle Sounders MLS team will wear Halo-branded jerseys in their matchup against LA Galaxy on Sunday. In addition, you can now listen to the game's title song, while Microsoft has confirmed that work has begun on Halo 6.

What do you make of this new trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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Watch No Man's Sky Dev Play the PS4 Game on Stephen Colbert's Late Show

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Sat, 2015-10-03 06:45

Sean Murray, co-founder of No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, appeared Friday night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about and play the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC game. Colbert starts off by asking for a release date, but Murray doesn't budge. They then launch into a discussion about the size and scope of No Man's Sky, about which Colbert jokes, "Do you have any worries that the game might get boring after visiting the first trillion planets?" Check out the full, eight-minute video below.

In No Man's Sky, if you're the first to encounter a creature on any of its planets, you can choose its name. This yields some excellent, Colbert-inspired names in this video, including "Colbertasauras" and "Molebert." Murray even names an entire solar system after the late night host and comedian.

Colbert also cracks a joke about Murray taking over the role of God from actor Morgan Freeman, another guest during last night's show. Freeman played God in Bruce Almighty, while Murray is doing the same, kind of, in his role as director of No Man's Sky.

Murray is Colbert's second gaming-focused guest this week, following YouTube star PewDiePie on Thursday.

No Man's Sky will launch for PS4 and PC on the same day, though a release date has not been announced. When you die in the game, you may see a Jaden Smith quote.

Disclosure: CBS is GameSpot's parent company.

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Weekly Recap: PS4 vs. Xbox One Holiday Games, Microsoft Buys Havok, 1 TB Fallout System

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Sat, 2015-10-03 06:30


PS4 Boss Talks Holiday Lineup Comparisons to Xbox One: Who has the better lineup of exclusive games this holiday? It might be Microsoft, but Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida says, "People wouldn't just look at the first party lineup when they're making a purchase decision."

1 TB Fallout 4 Xbox One Bundle Announced: Microsoft announced six new Xbox One bundles this week, the last of which was a 1 TB system that comes with copies of Fallout 4 and Fallout for $399.

Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty Physics Tech Company Now Owned by Microsoft: Microsoft bought Havok this week, the game-physics and middleware tech company previously owned by Intel. It sounds like business as usual, as Microsoft will continue to license the tech to competitors like Sony and Nintendo.


Square Enix's new Hitman was recently delayed to 2016 (sad face), but now you can watch an extended, alternate gameplay clip from one of its missions. Among other things, we learn the game can support 300 NPCs on screen at once now, up from 50 in the last game, Absolution. Skip to about 5 minutes to see the gameplay.

Google announced a new ChromeCast device this week, and it appears to be making a play in the world of gaming. Get the story here.

Video game commercials aren't limited to AAA games like Destiny and Call of Duty. No. Now there's a Puzzle & Dragons TV commercial? No, really. Watch it here.

Indie developer Fishing Cactus has announced that their "atmospheric adventure typing game," Epistory, will launch for PC, Mac, and Linux in Q1 2016. You don't have to wait that long to play, however, as a Steam Early Access version is available now.

Need something to keep you busy until Fallout 4's release in November? A group of modders have released a stunning mod for Fallout: New Vegas that adds new characters, quests, and more than 2,000 lines of voiced dialogue. My goodness, this looks good.

Bloodborne players in Europe are in for a treat. Beat the game and you'll receive this nice-looking (static) PS4 theme. Right now this is available only in Europe.


The world of Neverwinter is growing. Perfect World Entertainment announced this week that the PC MMO will add a new expansion called "Underdark" this fall. It's the game's eighth expansion and will come to PC sometime after PC.

They grow up so fast! Marvel Puzzle Quest has now celebrated its second anniversary. To mark the milestone, Marvel has shared some big stats for the game throughout its first two years. See below.


The man who co-created Rick & Morty is making a virtual reality game--and it sounds rad. Read all about it over here at PC Gamer.

Snickers + Twitch = this new video. The candy company Snickers recent pranked thousands of gamers live on Twitch by asking the question "What happens to the best gamers when they get hungry?" Just like everyone else, they get spacey, cranky, and confused. Check out the funny video below.

It seems like all major video games/entertainment properties are accompanied by toy lines these days. That's no different for Metal Gear Solid V, which is getting this range of awesome-looking figures. See them all here.

Six weeks later, Twitch Plays Dark Souls is complete. It got off to a slow, poor start, but the community never gave up and now they can celebrate.

Someone has remade Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask in HD by way of an impressive Unreal Engine mod. Check it out below.

343 announced this week that it's reviving its video series "The Sprint," which will provide a behind-the-scenes look at Halo 5's development. You can watch a teaser for the show below.

According to Oculus engineer John Carmack, who probably knows a thing or two, Minecraft will be the single most important application to help virtual reality get off the ground. Read his full comments here.

This video might make the wait for Halo 5 all the more painful--but it's too good not to share. Check out this extended footage of the game's new 24-player Warzone mode.

Slightly Mad's racing game Project Cars received new DLC this week in the form of the Aston Martin DLC Track Expansion, which adds three new Aston Martin cars and one new location where you can drive them.

Have an excellent weekend!

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15 Criminally Overlooked Superhero Movies

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 20:37

Constantine (2005)

Purists lambasted the Francis Lawrence-directed film for casting Keanu Reeves, who is assuredly not as blonde a British bloke as his comic book counterpart. Yet he perfectly captures the essence of the chain-smoking, reluctant exorcist and demonologist. Plus, with Tilda Swinton as the gender-bending and morally ambiguous half-angel Gabriel, the movie has the essential elements for a cool supernatural thriller. (Photo by: Warner Bros.)

Blade (1998)

Blade II is often credited as the best of the trilogy featuring the Daywalker, but the first installment isn’t to be underrated. Without Wesley Snipes’s intense, committed performance, the movie’s sillier contrivances of vampire cures and rave clubs would not have held up. Instead, the supernatural superhero movie is one of the most stylish to come out of the ‘90s. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Tank Girl (1995)

Now that we live in a post-Mad Max: Fury Road world, we hope Tank Girl can get more of the love it deserves. Based on the eponymous gonzo British comic, Tank Girl stars Orange Is The New Black’s Lori Petty as a post-apocalyptic tank enthusiast who rebels against the evil corporation who takes her prisoner. Shiny and chrome shenanigans ensue. (Photo by: United Artists)

Mystery Men (1999)

Urban legend has it that this superhero action comedy was really directed by Tim Burton. Does it matter either way? Nope. Mystery Men is a fun romp for anyone looking for saviors who take themselves less seriously. Misfit heroes attempt to step in for well-established superhero Captain Amazing when he’s captured by the nefarious Casanova Frankenstein. Ridiculous? Yes, but watching talented stars such as Geoffrey Rush, Janeane Garofalo and Ben Stiller commit to the ridiculousness is a delight. (Photo by: Universal)

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008)

Expanding the world from Guillermo del Toro’s sleek first film, Hellboy 2 has more creatures, action sequences and heart than its predecessor. Big Red, Liz and Abe Sapien continue to kick butt at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, but this time, their enemy may not be so evil after all. (Photo by: Universal)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Ostensibly a sequel to the first, strange Ghost Rider movie starring Nicholas Cage, Spirit of Vengeance pretty much ignores the melodrama of its predecessor to focus on the over-the-top absurdity that made bits of the first one watchable. Plus, Idris Elba is in it, and can a movie really be that bad if it features Idris Elba as a drunken, world-weary monk? (Photo by: Sony)

The Wolverine (2013)

With all of the focus placed on the subsequently released game-changer X-Men: Days of Future Past, the style and frenetic energy that make up this Japan-set Wolverine movie have gone under the radar. For any fan of Japanese action movies or Hugh Jackman, this one-off film is a must-see. (Photo by: Fox)

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World is no Captain America: Winter Soldier, but it’s certainly a better sequel for Thor than Iron Man 2 is for Iron Man. While the Marvel movie’s villain and Aether plots never quite work, The Dark World shines when putting brothers Thor and Loki back together, played by the always game Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, respectively. (Photo by: Marvel)

Darkman (1990)

Spider-Man wasn’t writer-director Sam Raimi’s first foray into the superhero genre; he first created his own original work with the 1990 superhero/horror movie, Darkman. Liam Neeson stars as Dr. Peter Westlake, who, after being betrayed, burned,and left for dead, survives to seek revenge against those who wronged him. Classic tortured hero versus evil never gets old. (Photo by: Universal)

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

Prior to becoming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Volstagg, Ray Winstone portrayed another Marvel hero, or, in this case, anti-hero, as the lead in Punisher: War Zone. Unafraid to tackle on the gore, violence, and grittiness associated with the Punisher, War Zone stays faithful to the comics, sure to please any Frank Castle fan. (Photo by: Lionsgate)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

Sure, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or as marketers deemed it LXG, is but another adaptation of Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed comic book that pretty much ignores everything that made the source material great. But that doesn’t mean LXG isn’t a lot of fun. The film’s production design alone, with its elaborate steampunk elements, make this period action movie worth a second look. (Photo by: Fox)

Dredd (2012)

It’s been about 20 years since Sylvester Stallone’s chintzy attempt at adapting the comic anti-hero debuted. That just makes Karl Urban’s take on Judge Dredd all the more refreshing. Never breaking his enforcer persona, and never taking off his helmet, this Dredd, alongside his apprentice Judge Anderson, played by Olivia Thirlby, is believable and enthralling to watch—especially when when facing off against an entire skyscraper of enemies. (Photo by: Joe Alblas/Lionsgate)

The Rocketeer (1991)

Twenty years before directing Captain America: The First Avenger, Joe Johnston showed off his superhero movie-making skills with the 1930s-set The Rocketeer. Less cynical than many modern superhero and action flicks, this Disney live-action picture pays homage not only to the Golden Age of comics but also mid-20th century movie serials. (Photo by: Disney)

Daredevil: Director’s Cut (2004)

Rated R, Daredevil: Director’s Cut punches up the good stuff and cuts out (most of) the cringe-worthy bits from the Ben Affleck superhero vehicle, Daredevil. While Vincent D'Onofrio makes for a compelling Kingpin in the more recent Daredevil Netflix series, Michael Clarke Duncan’s murderous dandy of a Kingpin remains an iconic portrayal of one of Marvel’s best baddies. (Photo by: Fox)

Batman Forever (1995)

Establishing a decidedly more comedic world than preceding Burton bat-movies, Joel Schumacher’s first attempt at Batman actually has the hallmarks of a solid superhero movie—dynamic lead (played by Val Kilmer) bombastic action scenes and a memorable, captivating villain in Jim Carrey’s The Riddler. Yes, we’re ignoring Tommy Lee Jones’s Two-Face for a reason. (Photo by: Warner Bros.)

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The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes - Riverside Arena Gameplay

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 20:19
This waterfall-based coliseum has a regenerating bomb in the center for each Link to swim desperately to.
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GS News Top 5 - Destiny Marriage Proposal; Free Xbox/PlayStation Games!

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 19:00
PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida compares PS4 holiday lineup to Xbox One, Call of Duty runs a questionable marketing campaign, and PS4 gets a firmware update!
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The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes - Ice Cavern Arena Gameplay

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 18:23
It's every Link for themself in this icy coliseum, complete with melting platforms!
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New Street Fighter V Character Leaked - GS News Update

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 17:12
A new Street Fighter V character named Laura has been leaked.
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Cities: Skylines After Dark

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 17:01

As the old song says, “At night, it’s a different world.” That old Lovin’ Spoonful lyric holds true in After Dark, the first expansion for Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines. After Dark adds a day-night cycle to the Cities experience, expanding the realism of the original game by giving you a glimpse into what city life is like after the sun goes down. The experience is further boosted with more subtle gameplay tweaks, including new commercial districts for leisure and tourism, extended budgetary demands--keeping those streetlights on isn’t free--and a number of new buildings and policies. Even though this add-on only subtly adjusts the focus of the original game, it broadens the scope in such a way that I have to recommend it as an essential purchase for any and all virtual mayors.

My review of Cities: Skylines played up my real-world role as the mayor of a Canadian town, and I have to fall back on that again to reiterate just how much this game captures the experience of leading an actual municipality. Even with real-world irate midnight calls from residents (fortunately) removed from the picture in Cities: Skyline, the original was a thorough simulation of what it takes to build and run a city, complete with proper zoning for residential, commercial, and industrial development. It included policies that let you set something of a big picture for your administration, as well as lots of little touches like being able to name and create boroughs with distinct identities. Sure, it was a little bit on the dry side, especially with no fanciful SimCity concepts like giant monster attacks and superheroes. But it worked, and it was so true to life that it still draws me in for occasional sessions of pretending to be a mayor, when I generally like playing games specifically to forget that I actually am one.

Carve out a Tourism district in a commercial zone in After Dark and these areas almost immediately take on new life after the sun goes down.

After Dark doubles down on all of the above. As the name indicates, the hook for this expansion is the addition of a full day-night cycle. While the original's in-game time was stuck pretty much at high noon, the sun now goes up and down just like it does in the real world. This reveals a beautiful skyline with lights sparkling from building windows and new nighttime accoutrements such as neon signs and video screens. The one drawback is that night is a bit too black, obscuring fine terrain details that you need to see while dropping down roads, pipes, and electrical lines. I plowed power lines right through a row of buildings on a couple of occasions, so you have to be careful at night here.

The most noteworthy new option the expansion brings is the ability to designate commercial zones as specialized leisure and tourism districts, just as you could mark off industrial districts for specific purposes in the original game. The leisure sector ties into the “sun going down” theme of the expansion by allowing you to establish what amounts to entertainment districts where your citizens can dance all night, go to movies, torture the lyrics of old songs in karaoke bars, work out in all-night gyms, and so on. Tourism lets you create tourist traps that soon wind up dotted with attractions like hotels, seaside restaurants on piers, marinas, and docks for fishing tours, along with bigger unique amenities such as a zoo and a casino that are unlocked after dedicating fairly large city sections to this new industry.

Overnight considerations must be taken into account across the city now, most notably when it comes to after-hours expenses. The budget screen is now split into day and night with separate sliders, so you can do things such as crank up the police budget to deal with the added crime that comes after sunset. Nothing here requires more than minor adjustments in city planning, however. Plop down a cop shop in the new districts, tweak the sliders a bit, and you’re covered.

Cities: Skylines is now a much more well-rounded depiction of city life in comparison with the original game, which in retrospect is more of a 9-to-5 business simulation.

The whole concept for life after dark is a little buttoned-down, so don’t expect any wild red-light districts to grow up in the midst of your predictable old cities. Cities here are still the same well-mannered, easy-to-govern burgs that they were when the game first launched in the spring. The staid nature of everything fits in perfectly with the orderly towns created here. This is an authentic view of what happens in a typical low-crime city when the sun goes down, not a GTA-style caricature of hookers and guns.

Other changes are slighter. New buildings have been added to the core stock, including the aforementioned zoo and a prison for all the criminals generated by the new night life. New roads can be laid down that split into separate lanes for vehicles and bikes. This seems to be nothing more than a cosmetic change, however. Nothing seems to have been done to ease the transit confusion that I observed in the original game, which is a little disappointing, though I continue to stumble through when it comes to buses and subways.

Nothing here dramatically alters gameplay. The city at night functions much the same as the city during the day, with a dash of extra crime and cops. And taxis, which, after you build the initial depot, seem to flood the streets in the late hours to ferry people around new attractions--a great idea for the leisure and tourism districts to speed up transportation in the wee hours. There is also no revamped learning curve. I sat down with the expansion and had districts for both new specialties humming within a half-hour or so, with hotels, souvenir shops, and arcades popping up all over the place.

New Leisure and Tourism districts are the highlights of After Dark. Both add personality to your cities and new economic options centered around entertainment and tourist traps.

Still, I really appreciate the nighttime focus and the way that entertainment and tourism are now treated as serious economic drivers alongside industry and commercial stores. All of this adds an appreciable new dimension to the original game. Cities: Skylines is now a much more well-rounded depiction of city life in comparison with the original game, which in retrospect is more of a 9-to-5 business simulation. This change dramatically expands the realism of the entire game. It also places added demands on me as the mayor, as I now have to look after my residents when it comes to leisure hours after work and take care of visitors who drop by to hang out in our restaurants and hotels.

Finally, a handful of new policies are introduced. They broaden the options only slightly, though, through things like making leisure districts tax-free to make them more attractive and banning bicycles from all but dedicated bicycle lanes.

After Dark may not be a revolutionary addition to Cities: Skylines, but the number of impressive new features and enhancements offered here is more than good enough to get my vote again. Both the new day-night cycle and the leisure and tourism districts add new scope and breadth to city life, especially when the sun goes down. These elements, plus all the other extras, make for a grand and worthwhile expansion. Wannabe virtual mayors can feel free to sign on to another term with the city-building incumbent.

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Heroes of the Storm's Early Game Adjustments Coming for Death Timers, Stats

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 16:59

Whether or not you're doing well in the early part of a Heroes of the Storm match, things can get frustrating for one reason or another. Blizzard is now testing out some changes to the early part of matches that may help to alleviate that frustration for everyone involved.

First up, Blizzard is adjusting death timers, albeit only for the first ten levels. Some of these changes are subtle--dying at level 10 will now see you wait 24 seconds rather than 23--while others are more dramatic, such as the 15-second wait at level 1 (as opposed to the existing nine seconds). The chart below outlines the timers for all 20 levels.

In a blog post, Blizzard says it's doing this because it's "identified that there may be a difficulty in achieving objectives in the early game due to our death timers and how quickly players can get back into a fight." These changes should "help set up teams and players to make important strides in the games, while also increasing the importance of not dying in the early game."

At the same time, the penalty for falling behind in the early match is also being addressed--what Blizzard refers to as "snowball prevention."

"In the current version of Heroes, game levels 1-14 had a very large stat difference from one level to the next," Blizzard explains. "We identified later levels had less of a stat difference and power levels are more noticeable with talent picks instead of level gains. In an attempt to mirror the late game, we are flattening out the earlier levels to be more in line with how heroes operates towards the late game."

Now, the stat differences between players at level 7 and 9 will be similar to the difference between players at level 17 and 19.

According to Blizzard, "This change means that even if you have lost mercenaries, tributes, or towns, you can still afford to try to team fight early in the game when you and your team find yourself behind."

This sounds like a positive change, as falling behind on experience often means you have to run away from all potential encounters until you can find a way to catch up. However, one thing that won't change is the advantage a team gets for reaching one of the levels where they're allowed to select a new talent (thus empowering them over their opponents until they also reach that level).

"Alongside the overall stat changes, we've taken the additional stats you'd earn from leveling and directly ingrained the numbers straight into the heroes themselves," Blizzard continues. "These changes will go a long way in helping heroes feel more appropriate in the roles they were designed for. Assassins, for example, output much more damage but are easier to pick off with their low health pools."

These changes have not yet been made, as they first need to be tested. This will happen on a test map, listed in the game as Cursed Hollow - Scaling Test. You can test these out on the public test realm now or in the live game's Custom Games section for a limited time beginning on October 6.

Alongside these changes, new skins are on the way to Heroes of the Storm, as well as new characters. This includes StarCraft's Medic, known in HotS as Lt. Morales, and Artanis.

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Amazon to Stop Selling Apple, Google's Fire TV Competitors

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 16:45

You can buy pretty much anything through online retail behemoth Amazon, but now, the company has announced plans to stop selling certain streaming devices that compete with its own. Specifically, Amazon will drop Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices because they don't "interact well" with Amazon's own Prime Video, the company said in an email to marketplace sellers (via Bloomberg).

This change will take place on October 29, at which time no new listings for Apple TV and Chromecast devices will be allowed and existing product pages will be taken down.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, along with Roku's devices, are not affected by this change. Whatever the case, this move is sure to cause some criticism.

Kevin Tofel of GameSpot sister site Zdnet shared his thoughts in a recent post.

"The real reason is more likely to do with Amazon wanting to sell its own Fire TV hardware," he said. "That's understandable, of course, but it's short-sighted. Amazon would likely say otherwise since it will still sell streaming devices that do support Amazon Instant Video such as Roku, the Xbox, and Sony PlayStation."

Below is Amazon's full statement on the matter.

"Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of Prime," Amazon said. "It's important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion."

What do you make of Amazon's decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Collector's Edition Contents Detailed

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 16:06

Blizzard today provided us with the first look at the physical collector's edition of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, which comes with a mix of physical and digital content.


In addition to a version of the game on DVD, collector's edition buyers get an exclusive two-disc behind the scenes set (both on DVD and Blu-ray) consisting of "over an hour of bonus features." This includes a StarCraft retrospective and a deconstruction of shots from the game's cinematics, among other things.

There's also a soundtrack with 21 tracks from Legacy of the Void, a 174-page "field manual" that sounds like an art book, and in-game bonuses in five of Blizzard's games.

Legacy of the Void's CE will be available at retail alongside the standard game on November 10. According to listings on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop, it'll carry a price of $80, twice that of the standard $40 version. There's also a third version of the game, the digital deluxe bundle, that comes with the game itself and the bonuses in StarCraft and the other games for $60.

Legacy of the Void represents the final chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy. It also concludes the story that began with the original StarCraft, though that doesn't necessarily spell the end of StarCraft as a franchise.

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Has No Offline Play

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 15:45

The Star Wars Battlefront beta that begins next week includes a taste of the sci-fi shooter's Survival Mission mode. This will not be playable offline in the beta, EA has now confirmed. For the full game, however, you'll be able to play these missions without an Internet connection, as was announced previously.

"Offline gameplay will not be available within the beta," Battlefront community manager Mat Everett wrote on Reddit. "For the beta, an Internet connection is required to play Missions."

The Survival Mission in Battlefront's beta is set on Tatooine. You can play it either by yourself or with a friend through online co-op or local split-screen. The goal is to fend off waves of Imperial forces. Advancing enemies include AT-STs, TIE fighters, "elite" Stormtroopers, and other enemies.

Everett did not explain why Survival Missions in the beta cannot be played offline.

The Battlefront beta, which will be open to everyone on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, also includes the 40-player Walker Assault and Drop Zone modes. In addition, beta players can check out the Battlefront companion experience through its website to earn items for the main game.

Fans don't have to wait much longer to check out the Battlefront beta, as it begins on October 8 and will run through October 12. The beta file size is 7 GB on PS4/Xbox One, while the PC edition weighs in at 11 GB. PC players can pre-load the beta starting on October 7.

Battlefront launches on November 17, about a month before Disney's Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters in December. EA is also releasing tie-in DLC for Battlefront based on the movie.

Xbox One owners with an EA Access membership will get to play Battlefront first, as it will be available through the subscription program a full five days early.

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Assassin's Creed Movie Adds Two More to Its Increasingly Excellent Cast

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 15:42

While it remains to be seen if it will rise above the usual (low) quality levels of video game-based movies, the Assassin's Creed film's cast continues to get better.

Jeremy Irons in the terrible D&D movie

Deadline reports two new additions to the cast: Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson. Irons is best known for his voicework in The Lion King and his role as the villain in Die Hard: With A Vengeance, though you may have seen him most recently lending his wonderful voice to trailers for the upcoming Batman v Superman. Gleeson, on the other hand, is known for his work in Edge of Tomorrow, Gangs of New York, Braveheart, and the Harry Potter movies.

The two join existing cast members Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Gleeson plays the role of Fassbender's father, while Irons plays Cotillard's father. Others confirmed to appear in the movie include Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) and Denis Menochet (Inglourious Basterds).

In August, we got out first look at Fassbender in costume as his character, Callum Lynch. This is a character created explicitly for the film and is said to be very different from Desmond Miles from the games. Although the movie features new characters, it takes place in the same universe as the games, which will (along with the comics) be affected by the events of the movie.

Assassin's Creed, as the movie is simply titled, lands in theater on December 21, 2016. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the next game in the series, arrives on October 23.

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - Drake's Fortune Intro

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 15:22
Wonder how much polish went into Drake's Fortune? Here's a look at the first nine minutes!
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"Enormous Demand" for WildStar's F2P Version Forces Server Changes

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 15:02

Demand has been so strong for WildStar since its switch to a free-to-play model that the MMO's servers have struggled to keep up. As a result, developer Carbine Studios is adding additional realms that should help to reduce the issues players have been encountering.

"Since we launched earlier this week, a huge number of new and returning players have experienced the game," Carbine wrote on its website. "We understand that, for some, the experience hasn't been what it should be. Frankly, our megaservers are not handling the load they should. This means our server capacity isn't keeping up with demand. We are working very hard to fix this and making improvements every hour."

Among the problems players have encountered this week are long queue times when logging in, lag, and trouble creating characters. Carbine told GameSpot just prior to launch that it expected things to smoothly.

The developer now says it's "made progress" but hopes to alleviate these issues even further by opening four new realms in the United States and Europe. "Adding these realms will significantly increase the amount of players who can get into WildStar," Carbine stated." We believe that this will address the issues above, dramatically improving the game experience, reducing lag, and improving queues."

This may not sound like an ideal solution, as separate servers could prevents friends from playing together. But these new realms are only a temporary measure--once the issues have been ironed out, they'll be merged back together. In the meantime, these "sister servers" will allow for free character transfers between them (you'd ordinarily have to pay to do this). However, at the moment, transfers are currently unavailable, though Carbine said on Twitter that it'll "attempt to re-enable them later today."

One potential problem that could crop up with that eventual merger is what happens with duplicate names. On the game's forums, a Carbine staffer explained that names will need to be unique across all of the new servers. This will prevent one player or another from losing their name when the servers are merged.

WildStar originally launched as a subscription-based game last year. Less than a year later, Carbine announced it would be following the same path as seemingly every other non-WoW MMO in adopting a free-to-play model. This change went into effect as part of a big update on September 29, when the game was rebranded WildStar: Reloaded.

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Man Makes Video Game to Propose to His Girlfriend

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 15:01

Just days after a man proposed to his girlfriend during a Destiny livestream, another man has popped the question also using a game. YouTube user LA Pike--whose real name is Austin--built a video game for his girlfriend Lauren, with each of the levels in the simple game based on memories from when they dated.

Lauren thought she was simply play-testing her boyfriend's game, the first one he'd ever made. But it turned out to be a lot more meaningful; once she'd made it through all the levels, a virtual mariachi band appeared on screen playing a song that Austin's grandfather proposed to his grandmother with.

The screen then cuts to black, and the famous Legend of Zelda line "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this" pops up. At this point, Lauren knows what's going on. Another message on screen reads, "If you couldn't tell by this game, I'm a mediocre programmer and a horrible artist. But I'd love to be your player 2."

The ring was hidden behind the computer the whole time. Austin finally asks the question, and of course, she says yes. Well done, Austin.

For more on this unique marriage proposal, check out this gallery of images on Imgur.

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Dungeon Defenders II - PS4 Split-screen Gameplay

GameSpot's PC Reviews - Fri, 2015-10-02 14:56
Here's a look at some side-by-side co-op in Dungeon Defenders II on PS4.
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